Manual Integration Instructions

The manual tool in Canvas allows you to drop the library resources page or specific items into a variety of locations within a course. This level of integration is opt-in, not automatic.

To add content to modules or content pages:

Select the plus button to add new resources to a specific module:

Select the blue button in the editor to add resources to text pages:


Select “Add External tool,” then choose “Library Resources” or “Library Reserves and Guides.”


Select “Library Resources” to include the entire Library Resources page.

Select “Library Reserves and Guides” to embed a guide or guide page at specific locations throughout the course. The following window appears when this option is selected:

For a Guide:

  • LibGuides Site should always be “Library Guides-”
  • Content Type should select one of the LibGuide options.
  • Guide should be the name of the guide. You can use the search field for your convenience.
  • Guide Page is the particular section you decide to include – this is not necessary to select and can be left as is.