Reciprocal Borrowing and On-Site Programs

University Libraries participates in a number of reciprocal borrowing and on-site programs, which provide additional information resources and allow broader access to scholarly material.  Please note that on-site access programs require Penn State identification. The reciprocal borrowing programs may require authorized cards or forms in addition to Penn State identification.

Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA) Reciprocal Borrowing and On-Site Access

Faculty and graduate students have reciprocal borrowing privileges. Undergraduate students have on-site access only (no borrowing privileges).  Students must show their current Penn State ID card to gain entry to a participating library.

Agreement statements for faculty and students are available at the BTAA Reciprocal Library Borrowing page.

PALCI Faculty Borrowing Program

Faculty have reciprocal borrowing privileges at PALCI libraries. This program requires a letter issued by the University Libraries. Complete the online application to receive the authorized letter. This letter will be sent to the address specified on your application.

OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program

This reciprocal borrowing program grants faculty members from participating OCLC institutions borrowing privileges and on-site access to participating academic research libraries. View a list of participants and complete the application (link) to receive an OCLC card, which is required for access. The card is sent to the address specified on your application.

SHARES On-Site Access

Our partnership with SHARES allows faculty, emeritus faculty, students, as well as academic and professional library staff of partner institutions to use the collections and services at SHARES libraries. This program does not include borrowing privileges.