Website Accessibility

The accessibility of our website is an ongoing priority for University Libraries. Regular review sessions are held with Penn State’s centralized Accessibility Office to ensure that we provide our users with equal access to our website’s functionality, information, resources, and services. Feedback from these sessions provides metrics for improving and/or correcting any issues with content or functionality. We also conduct regular scans using accessibility compliance software and follow the University’s guidelines for building accessible websites. We are committed to making the Libraries’ website and resources accessible to all. 

The University Libraries' web pages and related websites will be in compliance with the World Wide Web Consortium's standard: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 2.0, AA conformance level. Likewise, the University Libraries’ Web Accessibility Policy UL-AD15 complements University Policy AD69 Accessibility of Electronic and Information Technology

We welcome your comments and suggestions for improving access. For questions and assistance regarding accessibility of the Libraries website, please use the Accessibility Help form