Building Durable Links

Links to full-text articles in library databases can be added to your courses in Canvas.

Click on the name of the resource below for information about finding the most stable links or DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) for articles in licensed databases.

Paste these links or DOIs into our link builder to create durable links accessible from anywhere to add to online course materials.

Build my link

If you have any questions or can't find information about a database below or one not on this list, please contact: UL-RESERVES-STAFF@LISTS.PSU.EDU

Find stable lnks in:


Acoustical Society of America

Find the DOI in the article citation, beneath the address of the author.


American Chemical Society

The DOI appears beneath the list of authors in the article abstract.


American Medical Association (Journal)


Annual Reviews









Click on the article title in the table of contents or search results. Then click on Bookmark this page in the top right corner of the Article Image view. In the window that pops up, highlight and copy the whole link (which is longer than it appears). 



Go to the Citation view of the article (if you're looking at the article in a list of articles, click on the article title to go to the citation). On the left hand side of the screen is a clickable Permalink: 


Do NOT copy the entire link. Just the part after url=. It’s highlighted in the example. 


Elsevier ScienceDirect

Go to any view of the article except for PDF. Highlight and copy the DOI number (not "doi:") under the author’s names.

Note: In ScienceDirect, it can be difficult to copy the DOI number without including a space. Make sure to remove any spaces in between the parts of the link. 







In the table of contents on the left side of the browser window, right-click on the page number below the article title and select (in Internet Explorer) Copy Shortcut or (in Firefox) Copy Link Location. 







Click on the Citation button under the title. The link appears in a pop up box with the citation. 


Literature Online

Click on Durable URL. The link appears in a pop up box. 



Click on the copy link board in the upper right hand corner to bring up a pop-up window. Follow instructions to copy the link.


MIT CogNet

The link and the article list in the database will take you directly to the pdf. The DOI is located in the address bar. Only copy from the 10. and after. 





Click on the article title in the search results. At the bottom of the page, right-click on the title/link and select (in Internet Explorer) Copy Shortcut or (in Firefox) Copy Link Location.  







Go to the “Citation” or “Citation/Abstract” view for the article. Scroll down the page and highlight the link next to Document URL after







Taylor & Francis


Wiley Interscience