Endowed Chairs & Distinguished Librarians

Endowed Chairs [Renewal of appointment reviewed every five years]

Endowed Faculty Chair / Professorship Librarian Holding Endowed Chair / Professorship Original Appointment Renewal Date

Dorothy Foehr Huck Chair for Special Collections 

Athena Jackson March 21, 2016 March 2021
Benzak Business Librarian Diane Zabel November 1, 2000 December 2020
Foster Communications Librarian Jeff Knapp September 2014 September 2019
Judith O. Sieg Chair for Preservation L. Suzanne Kellerman June 1, 1999 August 2019
Paterno Family Librarian for Literature William S. Brockman April 1, 2001 June 2016
Tombros Librarian for Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Charles E. Jones August 2013 August 2018


Distinguished Librarians[Renewal of appointment reviewed every five years]

Librarian Holding Title of Distinguished Librarian Original Appointment Renewal Date
Linda Musser January 1, 2009 December 2018


Early Career Librarianships

[Appointed for three years and awarded on a rotating basis ​with the possibility of reappointment for one additional term of three years]

Early Career Librarian Title Librarian Holding Title Original Appointment Renewal Date
Eric N. and Bonnie S. Prystowsky Early Career Librarian: Science Libraries Robert Olendorf August 3, 2015 July 31, 2018
Sally W. Kalin Early Career Librarian: Technological Innovations Ben Goldman September 1, 2015 August 31, 2018
Sally W. Kalin Early Career Librarian: Learning Innovations Lauren Reiter September 1, 2015 August 31, 2018


List of University Libraries Emeritus Faculty:

  • John Attig, Distinguished Librarian
  • Marie Bednar, Associate Librarian
  • Bruce Bonta, Associate Librarian
  • Nancy M. Cline, Dean of University Libraries
  • Thomas Conkling, Librarian
  • Barbara Coopey, Librarian 
  • Eric Delozier, Associate Librarian
  • Nancy Dewald, Librarian
  • Nancy Eaton, Dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications
  • Richard Fitzsimmons, Librarian
  • Kathleen Fescemyer, Associate Librarian
  • Linda Friend, Librarian
  • Cecily Giardina, Associate Librarian
  • Martin Goldberg, Associate Librarian
  • Richard Hart, Associate Librarian
  • Kay Harvey, Associate Librarian
  • Nancy Henry, Associate Librarian
  • Steven Herb, Librarian
  • William L. Joyce, Librarian
  • Sally Kalin, Associate Dean
  • Virginia Lingle, Librarian
  • Noelene Martin, Associate Librarian
  • Deena Morganti, Associate Librarian
  • Charles Ness, Librarian
  • Bonnie Osif, Librarian
  • Mark Podvia, Associate Librarian
  • Bruce Reid, Associate Librarian
  • Robert Seeds, Associate Librarian
  • Helen Sheehy, Associate Librarian
  • Patience L. Simmonds, Associate Librarian
  • Loanne Snavely, Librarian
  • Nancy Stanley Maso, Associate Librarian
  • Lee Stout, Librarian
  • John H. (Jack) Sulzer, Sr. Associate Dean
  • Judith Swarthout, Associate Librarian
  • Susan Ware, Associate Librarian
  • Melvin Westerman, Associate Librarian
  • Timothy Wherry, Associate Librarian
  • Sara Whildin, Associate Librarian
  • Alica (Lisa) White, Associate Librarian
  • M. Sandra Wood, Librarian
  • Carol Wright, Librarian