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The University Libraries inspire intellectual discovery and learning through robust information resources and academic collaborations in teaching and research that connect the Penn State community and citizens of Pennsylvania to the world of knowledge and new ideas.


We are a world-class research library with a global reach, providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for learning, collaboration, and knowledge creation. As partners in research and education, and leaders in delivery and preservation of library collections, we will leverage technology and reward innovation to ensure the University Libraries are a destination of choice.


Dean's Message

Faye A. ChadwellFaye A. Chadwell

Dean, University Libraries and Scholarly Communications


I am proud and humbled to have been chosen as the fifth dean of University Libraries and Scholarly Communications.

Continuing to work in a public research library setting is important to me professionally and personally. Research universities like Penn State play a key role in solving critical problems facing local, regional, and global communities. I am especially drawn to the mission of land grant universities as they advance research and discovery to improve living conditions and they expand access to higher education. As a premier public research library, Penn State University Libraries has a unique perspective and opportunity to influence developments in scholarly communications, information literacy, and the preservation and management of information and data. I look forward to expanding upon the existing record of excellence to have a positive impact across all of Penn State and within the academic and research library community.

Prior to my appointment, I spent 25 years in Oregon, splitting my time almost equally between Oregon State University, another land grant institution, and the University of Oregon. My career as a librarian started at the University of South Carolina, and I am a graduate of Appalachian State University as well as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Situated in a new research library context, I am eager to build upon our current strategic partnerships and form new collaborations across and beyond campus boundaries.

As I become oriented to Penn State, information gathering and meeting people is a major focus. The University Libraries is a huge institution covering not only the Pattee and Paterno buildings but the subject libraries like the Earth and Mineral Sciences Library in Deike Building and the Business Library in Paterno, the Penn State University Press, and libraries at 23 locations around the Commonwealth including World Campus, the Harrell Health Sciences Library at Hershey, and the two law libraries serving Penn State Law at University Park and Penn State Dickinson Law in Carlisle, PA.

Though Penn State is new, my values and principles as a library leader have not changed - collaboration, open communication, and cultivation of transparent and intentional processes.  There are important characteristics I seek to foster throughout our organization–accountability, clear decision making, effective listening, and mutual respect for all. I believe that we enact our values through the decisions we make and the actions we take. The value of access, especially access to higher education and to a public research library’s resources, motivates and energizes me as a librarian and as a library leader. I am committed to working toward creating the most inclusive and diverse community possible, especially to strengthen open and equitable access to library resources and spaces.

This past year has been a difficult one for students, faculty, and staff alike. Who would have thought a year ago that we would still be learning, teaching, and working remotely? But we are doing it with ingenuity, dedication, perseverance, patience, and flexibility.

Having started my career at Penn State in the virtual realm, I am excited for our safe but phased return to campus over the course of the summer leading to the return for Fall 2021 with onsite instruction, learning and research. I look forward to seeing our library spaces full of students, faculty and staff once again.

And so, I welcome you to the University Libraries. Whether you are studying, researching, teaching, working or just reading, this is YOUR library, one of the top ten research libraries in North America. Enjoy it. And don’t forget that we are always here to help.