Printing in the Library

This information pertains to the libraries at University Park. For information on other campus libraries, visit your Campus Library website.


Printer Locations in the Libraries

Printers are located in:

Paterno Library

  • Social Sciences Library, 201 Paterno Library
  • Business Library, 301 Paterno Library
  • Life Sciences, 401 Paterno Library
  • Education and Behavioral Sciences Library, 501 Paterno Library

Pattee Library

  • Maps Library, 1 Central Pattee Library
  • Knowledge Commons, West Pattee
  • Sidewater Commons, W102
  • Arts and Humanities Reference Room, 202 Pattee Library
  • Music and Media, 211 Pattee Library, west
  • 3rd Floor, West Pattee Library

Branch Libraries

  • Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library, 111 Stuckeman Family Building
  • Earth and Mineral Sciences, 105 Deike Building
  • Engineering, 325 Hammond Building
  • Physical and Mathematical Sciences, 201 Davey Lab

Color Printers

Color laser printers are set up like the black and white printers, but a color print counts as three black and white pages. Color printers are available in:

  • Life Sciences Library (4th floor Paterno) 
  • Social Sciences Library (2nd floor Paterno)
    • prints 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17
    • cost for 11x17 color print = six pages
  • Knowledge Commons (first floor, West Pattee)
  • Sidewater Commons (W-102)
  • Arts and Humanities/Music and Media Center (210W Pattee)
  • Earth & Mineral Sciences Library (105 Deike Building)
    • prints 8.5 x 11 only
  • Engineering Library
    • prints 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17
  • Boucke 103
  • Findlay 6
  • Hammond 317
  • Patterson 304
  • Patterson 401
  • Pollock 201
  • Redifer 24
  • SALA 143 (Stuckeman Family Building)
  • SALA 144
  • Waring 107
  • Willard 109

More information on color printing

Schlow Library in downtown State College has a color printer available for public use (does not make transparencies; print charges may apply).



Laptop/Remote Printing Station (print release station)

The Pattee-Paterno Library has  laptop/remote printing stations (also called a release station).


  • Knowledge Commons, by the printers
  • Arts and Humanities/Music and Media Center (210W Pattee)
  • Social Sciences Library (2nd floor Paterno)
  • Life Sciences Library (4th floor Paterno)
  • Education and Behavioral Sciences Library (5th floor Paterno near scanners)
  • Architecture & Landscape Architecture Library

  • Engineering Library
  • Physical & Mathematical Sciences Library

Remote Printing from ITS Labs includes:

  • How remote printing works
  • Remote printer locations
  • Links to download the printer driver you will need for your computer (scroll down to "Machine Requirements")



Printing Fees

Students may print up to 110 black-and-white pages each semester without incurring extra charges. The cost of these is subsidized by the information technology fee. After 110 pages (or the equivalent in color pages), each additional page on non-color printers costs $0.05. Page counts and prices are for sheets of paper, regardless of printing on one or both sides.

Students may now use their LionCash+ account to purchase additional pages for printing in ITS computer labs and classrooms and University Libraries locations at University Park as well as other locations participating in the ITS printing system. Using LionCash+ enables a quick and convenient way to purchase additional printing pages and replaces the old method of locating a signature station, agreeing to bursar billing and waiting for authorization to occur. With LionCash+ for printing, students will continue to receive 110 subsidized pages each semester. For complete details see LionCash+ for printing.

Printing status is updated in the printing subsystem each morning at 4:00am, and hourly during the day from 9:15am to 11:15pm.

If a patron has a problem related to receiving credit for a print job, you can instruct them to use this email to get further assistance from ITS: (This email is only for issues related to receiving print credits and not for other printing issues.)

More information about printers including where to find color and large format printers, see the CLC Printing Locations site.


Oversize Printing

Do you need to print pages larger than 8.5 x 11?

  • Social Sciences Library, 201 Paterno Library

    • prints 8.5 x 11 and 11 x 17 only
    • cost for 11x17 color print = six pages
  • Engineering Library
    • 11 x 17 color printer

Please also note that the Preservation, Conservation, and Digitization Department provisions for large format and map printing for a fee.

Other University Park Computer lab printers

Other suggestions:

  • Use your printer settings to reduce the size of the image from 100% to a smaller size.
  • Use your printer settings to adjust the paper size to "custom" in the printer options menu.
  • Use a graphics software program (e.g., Paint, Photoshop, CorelDraw) to reduce the size of the image to match the paper size or to crop/copy sections of the image to print at your preferred size and resolution.
  • Some local office supply stores will print large-size images for a fee. This service is also available at University Park from Auxiliary & Business Services, the University Libraries Preservation, Conservation, and Digitization Department, and from the Engineering Copy Center
  • Some software programs (e.g., Microsoft Publisher) make it easy to resize and print large images.
  • Various freeware software can facilitate the process. Try searching for poster printing software (e.g., ProPoster, Easy Poster Printer).

Printing Help/Reporting Printing Problems

Any problem with student printers should be reported to the IT Service Desk.  Please provide location of printer, description of problem or error message, and the IP address/number of the printer.

CLC Problem Report

More information about reporting printer problems.


Printing on Personal Stationery

Since students are not permitted to put their own paper (e.g. letterhead for resumes) in any of the public copiers in the library, here are places that will print on the patron's letterhead: