Library Instruction Classrooms

Library Learning Services manage Library Instruction Rooms, reserved for teaching library-focused topics, such as library resources, research strategies, information literacy, information technology, and multimedia instruction. This also includes all course-related instruction and Library Studies credit courses, as well as instruction sessions offered by Media Commons staff.

Room Use

Due to high demand for library instruction, rooms are typically not available for use by faculty external to the library, unless it’s a library-related topic or a faculty member is partnered with a librarian or Media Commons consultant. 

Requesting a Room

Unless otherwise noted, requests to use an instruction room should be directed to or submitted via the Library Instruction Request Form for consideration.

Available instruction rooms include the following:


  • W13 (near Center for Maps & GIS)
  • W140 (Knowledge Commons Lab)
  • W211A (Arts and Humanities Library)
  • W315 (Arts and Humanities Library)
  • W043 (A and B; Multi-purpose Dewey Room)


W13, W140, W211A, W315 Pattee and 302 Paterno are available to students for use as open computer labs when not in use for instruction.

Branch Libraries

Requests for using these instruction rooms should be directed to each library.