Libraries Statistics and Data

Historical BTAA ARL Data

Association for Research Libraries (ARL) Statistics FY 2021
Category Subcategory Data
Investment Index Rank 9
Index Score 1.63
Circulation Initial Circulations 59, 345
Full-text Article Requests 4,554,883
Collections Titles Held 8,722,133
Volumes Held 10,027,422
Electronic Books 2,941,227
Expenditures Total Library Expenditures $58,415,794
      Total Library Materials $25,059,183
            Collection Support $115,967
            One-time Resources Purchases $9,369,116
            Ongoing Resource Purchases $15,574,100
      Total Salaries & Wages $28,607,776
            Professional Staff $16,734,336
            Student Assistants $409,132
            Support Staff $11,464,308
      Other Operating Expenditures $4,748,835
Consortia/Networks/Bibliographic Utilities Expenditures
from External Sources
Fringe Benefits $9,440,783
Gate Count Gate Count 380,621
ILL Requests to Other Libraries 30,775
Requests from Other Libraries 30,940
Instruction Library Presentations to Groups 2,062
Participants in Group Presentations 44,966
Personnel Total Staff, FTE 543
Professional Staff 252
Support Staff 261
Student Assistants 30
Reference Reference Transactions 33,769

​The data presented in these visualizations is not an attempt to measure a library’s services, quality of collections, or success in meeting the needs of users. In comparing any individual library to ARL medians or other ARL members, evaluations must always be made within the context of local goals and characteristics.