User Privacy

Penn State University Libraries' User Privacy Statement

Depending on the Libraries services you choose to use, the following are some examples of the ways we use your information in order to provide those services to you. You always have the option of whether or not to provide the information being used for such services.

  • We use Personal Information to issue Libraries accounts. University Libraries may use your provided email address to send account alerts and other communications. We use Library Records to assist in maintaining our collections and to verify records of users’ paid and unpaid fines.

  • We use Login Credentials and Library Records, as allowed by you and in accordance with the preferences you have established, to deliver enhanced or personalized services.

  • We use Personal Information, Login Credentials, and Residency Verification to provide access to electronic resources including e-books and databases.

  • We use Personal Information when collecting or processing payments and fines.

  • We use Personal Information and Login Credentials to administer promotions, surveys, and contests.

  • We use Personal Information to provide opportunities to further engage with the Library through advocacy and fundraising campaigns.

  • We adhere to the University Web Privacy.

  • We use a combination of Library Records and Cookies regarding the usage of online Library Services, including licensed commercial online databases and materials offered by the Libraries to help us analyze the impact of the technologies & services the Libraries provide. While transactional based data is retained for a period of time as part of your record, when that information is no longer useful for individual transactions the Libraries may anonymize and aggregate data in order to help analyze the usefulness and impact of the services we provide.

  • We use anonymized data about reference and research consultations in order to collect usage assessments and to generate frequently asked questions.