Culture and Community

A blue map of the state of Pennsylvania against a darker blue background. Each Commonwealth Campus library is pictured within a circle and labled with its campus name. Text on the right of the image reads Culture and Community Across The Libraries


Diversity and inclusion. Equity to access. Empathy. Integrity. Respect. Responsibility.

These are just some of the many values that serve as our compass for how we want to conduct ourselves, how we want to treat others, and how we want to be treated, too. Read our Institutional and Foundational Values to learn more about the environment and organizational excellence we strive to achieve and maintain – one that you’ll enhance when you join us!


So, what’s it like to live near one of our University Libraries locations?

Commonwealth Campus Libraries (CCLs)

Discover more about working at and living near one of Penn State's many campus library locations across PA by exploring the local information by campus below.

University Park

Penn State’s University Park campus is located within the community of State College in Centre County. Discover more about living in the area and resources through Penn State Human Resources and from the Happy Valley Adventure Bureau.

Local information by campus

  • Did you know? 67 counties make up PA, each with many towns, boroughs, and cities.
  • Taxes, government structures, and services can vary greatly across the state.
  • You can use the county websites noted below as well as the PA Department of Revenue website to learn more information about what to expect when moving to an area.
  • Check out the Visit PA website to learn more.
  • All campuses that offer undergraduate programs follow the same academic calendar. Note that the academic calendars for  Penn State Law and the College of Medicine follow different schedules.
Location Information By Campus
Campus City/Town County Info. Pronunciation
Abington Abington Montgomery Aa-bing-ton
Altoona Altoona Blair Al-too-nah
Beaver Monaca Beaver Moe-knock-ah
Behrend Erie Erie Bear-end
Berks Reading Berks Red-ing
Brandywine Media Delaware Mee-dee-uh
Dickinson Law Carlisle Cumberland Car-lyle
DuBois DuBois Clearfield Doo-boys
Fayette Lemont Furnace Fayette Fay-ette
Great Valley Malvern Chester Mal-vern
Greater Allegheny McKeesport Allegheny Alley-gay-knee
Harrisburg Middletown Dauphin Middle-town
Hazleton Hazleton Luzerne Hazel-ton
College of Medicine Hershey Dauphin Daw-fin
Lehigh Valley Center Valley Lehigh Lee-high
Mont Alto Mont Alto Franklin Mahn Al-toe
New Kensington New Kensington Westmoreland West-more-land
Schuylkill Schuylkill Haven


Skoo-cull (also Skoo-kill)
Scranton Dunmore Lackawanna Dun-more
Shenango Sharon Mercer Sha-nain-go
University Park State College Centre Center
Wilkes-Barre Dallas Luzerne Wilkes-bear or Wilkes-Berry
York York York York