Pennsylvania Residents

For Pennsylvania residents who are not enrolled or employed by Penn State, registration to use the library requires two steps:

  • Step 1:  Create a Penn State Account online at
  • Step 2:  Bring your Penn State Account information, including your 9-digit Penn State ID number, User ID (something like abc5000) and a current driver’s license or photo ID to any Penn State library.

After you’ve completed both steps and receive your borrower card, you’ll be able to borrow materials and renew and place holds online. A Penn State Account also allows PA residents access to digital library resources on-site at any Penn State library.

Schlow Centre Region Library, State College, PA

Materials borrowed from Schlow Centre Region Library in State College, PA may be returned to any Penn State library at University Park, and any Penn State library materials may be returned to Schlow. Ask at any service desk at Schlow  or at the Commons Services Desk located in Pattee Library for more information.


Penn State and Schlow Library Card Sharing Program

PA residents with a Schlow/Centre County library card may use that card to register and borrow materials at any Penn State University Libraries. Similarly, PA residents who are not current Penn State students, faculty, or staff, but who have a Penn State library card* may register and use that card to borrow materials at Schlow Library.

*The Penn State library card must have been issued after September 1, 2018 and have a barcode. Older borrower cards without a barcode are not eligible for the card sharing program. Please bring your older card to the Commons Services Desk at Pattee Library if would like to replace it with a new card. Current Penn State student, faculty, and staff IDs cannot be used to borrow from Schlow library.

Who’s eligible for the card sharing program?

Any PA resident who is not currently enrolled with or employed by Penn State.

What does the program allow me to do?

The card sharing program allows you to use one card, either your University Libraries or Schlow/Centre County regional library card, as your primary borrower card at both libraries.

Does this mean I’ll have just one library account for both libraries?

No, the accounts and borrowing privileges remain separate (although the account/card number will be the same), and you’ll still have separate logins to place holds or renew books online for materials borrowed from each library.

I already have two cards, can I still participate in card sharing?

Yes, we can update your Penn State  library account number to match your Schlow library card number, or we can issue you a new Penn state library card that can also be used at Schlow. Ask at either library’s service desk for more information.