Rooms & Spaces

Please note that there are two areas designated for eating: Starbucks and Room 128 (Global News Center) in Paterno Library, and the Collaboration Commons in Pattee Library. We ask that you limit eating and drinking to these areas. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

University Park Libraries

Reserve a Study Room

Select your location and room. Rooms may be reserved for up to 3 hours within a given time frame. For assistance, contact

Please wear a mask. Masking guidelines align with current University masking guidelines.

Please visit the Group Study Rooms policy page for room use guidelines.

Media Commons

The Media Commons in Pattee and Paterno Libraries' Knowledge Commons, features two One Button Studio spaces, multimedia production suites with easy access to Pattee and Paterno Library collections.

Housed in the Media Commons and run by Media Commons staff, the Maker Commons Innovation Center provides access to 3D printing for all students, faculty, and staff at all campus locations. The Maker Commons also features the Invention Studio, an academic makerspace where individuals can explore rapid prototyping using materials and devices such as LittleBits, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and LEGO®.

One Button Studios

Starbucks Cafe and MacKinnon's Lounge

The Starbucks Cafe, located on the first floor of Paterno Library, offers a wide selection of food and beverage options, including sandwiches, salads, snack items, pastries, beverages, and bottled items. It is a cashless store, meaning that no cash transactions are accepted. Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, Starbucks gift cards, LionCash+, and Meal Plan/Commuter Mean Plans. MacKinnons Lounge is located in 128 Paterno, adjacent to Starbucks.

Central Atrium

The Central Atrium connects West and Central Pattee on the ground floor, creates direct access to the Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information, and provides several seating areas with tables and desks for individual study space, and for informal student activities. The Center for Immersive Experiences is also located in the Central Atrium.

Please note that the Center for Immersive Experiences is available by appointment only, for research purposes, and classes will not be assigned VR projects. Inquiries and requests for appointments should be directed to

Collaboration Commons

The Collaboration Commons is located on the ground floor of West Pattee. This "bring your own device" space provides ample electrical outlets, with access to bar-height table seating, open seating with desks and tables, and access to study rooms. This area's furniture is mobile and modular to support a variety of configurations. The space also provides plenty of natural lighting, as it faces the West Pattee Terrace, an entrance/exit area, a welcome desk, and a video display wall.

The Dr. Keiko Miwa Ross Garden Terrace (West Pattee Terrace)

Located outside the Collaboration Commons, the terrace provides plenty of outdoor seating and gathering space, an accessible entrance to West Pattee, exterior wireless connectivity, improved lighting, and green space.

Advanced Analytics and Visualization Digital Lab

Managed by the University Libraries' Research Informatics and Publishing department, this lab is designed for Penn State students, faculty, and staff who need access to data visualization and analysis software.

Please note that this lab is closed.

Quiet Study Areas

Quiet study areas and spaces are available on floors 2-5 in Paterno and on the basement level and floors 2-3 in Pattee. Note that talking and talking on a mobile device in quiet areas is not permitted.

Pattee Library Carrel Application

Carrels are lockable compartments found on desks located in the central stacks of Pattee Library. Library carrels may be used to store research and study materials.

Lactation Rooms

Lactation Rooms are available in two locations in West Pattee:

  • 040 Collaboration Commons
  • Room W-336

More information about this University-wide service is available on the Office of Human Resources Breastfeeding Support program page.