Fines and Fees

Fines for Damaged and Lost Materials

Damaged and Repairable Materials and Equipment
Item Fee
Damaged Print Materials $50 (repairs);
$65 (repairs and rebinding)
Damaged Repairable Equipment $40 plus cost of repair


Replacement of Lost Materials and Equipment
Item Fee
Binding $15
Books and Instructional Materials $125 plus $25 processing and/or $15 binding fee if applicable
Books and Instructional Materials
(valued over $165)
Cost of replacement
Carrel/Locker Key $50
Equipment $40 plus prorated replacement cost
Government Documents $125
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Item $125 and up
Juvenile Books $40
Kits Bags $10
Kits or Pieces of Kits Market replacement value
Map $25
Map Tube $10
Media (Video/CD/DVD/16 mm Film) $25 plus cost of replacement
Microfiche Cost of replacement
Microfilm Cost of replacement
Missing Part Cost of replacement
Out of Print Item $25 plus reproduction cost plus $15 rebinding fee (if applicable)
Paper Copy of Penn State Dissertations, Master’s, and Scholar’s Thesis $40
Periodical Issue (Unbound) Cost of replacement
Periodical Volume (Bound) $65 plus cost of replacement
Public Performance Rights Associate with Lost Media or Video Cost of replacement
Score $50


Overdue Fines

Overdue Media and Equipment
Item Fee
Audio and Film $1/day ($30 max. fee*)
Equipment (i.e. laptops, calculators, flash drives, etc.)

$1/hour ($100 max. fee*)

$3/day ($15 max. fee*)



Overdue Print Materials
Item Fee
Daily Overdue Fines University Libraries does not charge a daily overdue fine, with the exception of the following:
Recall $3/day ($30 max. fine*)
Reserve Materials - 2-hour/overnight loan $2/hour ($100 max. fine*)
Reserve Materials - 3-day, 5-day, and 1-week loan $3/day ($15 max. fine*)
Special Permission $3/day ($15 max. fine*)

*Once max. fine is reached, item is considered lost and patron will be charged full replacement fee as well as fine and any binding costs.


multiple fees and fines apply in some cases, which add to the amount of the final invoice.


Reproduction and Printing Fees

Reproduce and Own
Item Fee
Audio Duplication $15/item
Brittle Book Scanning $15/hour plus $.25/page plus $15 binding plus $10 retrieval fee (if necessary)
Book Scanning (unbound, non-brittle pages, machine-fed) $0.16/image
Canvas Output Printing $15/sq. ft.
Color Output Printing (Archival-Quality Inks) $4/sq. ft. (46# heavyweight coated paper);
$6.45/sq. ft. (46# satin photo pater)
Color Photo/Digital Image Duplication (Wagner Annex) $1.60 (8''x10'');
$1.88 (8.5''x11'');
$4.94 (13''x19'')
Digital Imaging

Standard: $10/digital image capture 

Oversize, fragile, bound materials: $10/digital image capture plus $15/hour Digital Services fee if editing required

Digital Services $15/hour
Encapsulation $1.60/sq. ft. plus $15/hour
Electronic Delivery Free
Media Storage $5
Microfilm/Microfiche to Digital $10/image
Moving Image Cost recovery
Photocopies Varies by location and vendor
Photographs $10 per image
Printing Varies by location and vendor

Printing Color Photo/Digital Image Duplication (Digitization and Preservation)

$6/image or $.075/sq. in. (8''x10'' - 16''x60'')
Special Collection Items: Black and White Photocopying/Scanning (Staff-Assisted) $0.50/page for print or PDF copies (up to 50 pages at no charge for community-at-large; up to 100 pages at no charge for PSU students, staff, faculty); up to 11" x 17", Special Collections Team can accommodate orders of up to 300 pages
Special Collection Items: Color Photocopying (Staff-Assisted) $1.50/page (up to 11''x17'')
Thesis Scan $30
Waring Collection Audio Tapes and CDs $12-$20

Multiple fees and fines apply in some cases, which add to the amount of the final invoice.

Misc. Fee-Based Services

Item Fee
Referral to Collection Agency $9
Retrieval and Handling $20
Rush Order $50 for up to 5 items


Item Fee
Design Consultation (Technology Classrooms) $50/hr
Equipment Repair $50/hr plus actual cost of parts
Installation (Technology Classrooms) $50/hr plus cost of parts
IRC Initial Data Input $2/carton
IRC Pickup & Delivery $5/carton (first carton);
$2/carton (each additional carton)
IRC Retrieval Refile $2/carton
IRC Shredding $6/carton 
IRC Storage $0.60/carton (monthly);
$7.20/carton (annually)
Media Site Live Presentations $75/session plus $50/hr for technician
Technician Support $50/hr;
$20/hr (student technician)


Shipping & Handling Fees
Item Fee
Continental USA Shipping/Handling $7.50/package
Rush Orders (International and Continental USA) Cost Recovery


Rental Fees
Item Fee
Equipment Formula-driven plus $20 for pickup/delivery  


Item Fee
Commercial Use (One Time Permission) $250


Multiple fees and fines apply in some cases, which add to the amount of the final invoice.