Guideline UL-TRG07 Libraries-Supported Staff Travel Funds

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There are a limited number of travel grants available to University Libraries' staff and technical services employees. Staff who are not allocated professional travel money and full-time, permanent technical services employees who are past their provisional employment period, are eligible to apply to receive funding to attend conferences related to their job assignments.


  1. There will be a call for travel requests once a year during the budget request period.
  2. Staff making the request must have discussed their request with their supervisor. The supervisor should write a letter of support to the applicable Associate Dean outlining the benefits to the individual, department and/or Libraries, how the intended travel relates to the employee's performance review and developmental goals and to the department's strategic initiatives, and include a signoff by the department head. Supervisors should ensure that any issues relating to travel by non-exempt staff have been addressed with the Libraries' Human Resources Office.

  3. Criteria:

    In making the decision to approve or not approve travel requests, extra weight will be given to requests from individuals who have:

  • Membership in the organization sponsoring the conference
  • Formal responsibility within an organization (committee member, chair, etc.)
  • Been invited to speak on Libraries' projects or initiatives or whose requests support the Libraries' strategic initiatives
  • Not benefited from travel funds recently

    Special consideration will be given to:

  • Requests from groups going to local/area conferences
  1. The final allocations will be made by the applicable Associate Dean based on the criteria outlined above. All exceptions to the above will be at the discretion of the Associate Dean.
  2. Attendees should report back to their team or department after attending a conference.
  3. Travel funding for individuals will be capped at $750 per year. 
  4. Conference travel by staff will be documented as a form of professional development in their performance review and in Human Resource's database of professional development activities.


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Form:  Travel Request Form (staff only)
Form:  ERS Travel Reimbursement Checklist (staff only)

Effective Date: December 2002
Date Approved: November 26, 2002 (University Park Department Heads)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • February 2017 – Revised; Editorial, Removal of UL-TRG04
  • June 2014 - Revised; Editorial
  • August 2007 - Revised; Editorial
  • November 26, 2002 - New guideline

Last Review Date:  June 2014