Guideline UL-ITG03 Requesting the Purchase of Nonstandard Software

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The current list of software approved for individual purchase from cost center funds is available on the I-Tech Web site under LifeCycle "Staff Image - Software List" (staff only).  The list is updated regularly whenever a new product is approved.


Complete and submit an Equipment Request Form (ERF) to your department head.  Upon approval, submit the ERF for review and order processing through your Equipment Coordinator.  The Equipment Coordinator will forward the request to the Information Specialist in I-Tech responsible for software review. 

I-Tech, in collaboration with Digital Library Technologies, is responsible for the review of all nonstandard software requests.  Once a software request is reviewed and approved, I-Tech will add the new product information to the approved software inventory on the Web.  The approved request is returned to your Equipment Coordinator for submittal to the Business office for order processing.  Your department head will notify you that the request has been approved and is being processed. 

In the rare event that a request is not approved as submitted, the department head will discuss the reasons with the requester and explore alternatives. (Some possible reasons could be that a request duplicates the functionality another product the library already has, that it doesn't interact well with software already on Libraries machines, or it requires that a staff member be able to run a server to use it.)

Effective Date: November 2007
Date Approved: November 2007 (Dean's Library Council)

Revision History (and effective dates):

  • November 2007 - Revised guideline
  • January 2002 - New guideline

Last Review Date:  June 2010