Boucher | Highlands

The Boucher House

Robert V. and Ruth B. Boucher
600 East Waring Avenue

Robert Boucher (pronounced to rhyme with a dog’s bow-wow) was Professor of Agricultural and Biological Chemistry in the College of Agriculture. He was associated with the Agricultural Experiment Station and was well known in poultry science for his animal nutrition studies. Reportedly, he and his wife loved to dance and entertain, so the first floor was reinforced for their large parties.

View of Boucher house from East Waring Avenue

With the Boucher House, Heidrich continued his use of a low-pitched roof and clerestory windows. The stone facing and copper roofing along with a generous lot size contribute to a look of substance. A new garage has been added to the right end.

View of entry from outside

Possibly per the desire of his clients, Heidrich created a fairly large outside entry which is clearly front and easily identifiable. Like another of his houses in the South Hills area rippled glass was used for the door light and spaced slats and local stone were used as enhancements.

View of foyer from inside

Inside, the foyer is moderate in size but has a very spacious feel. Above, the ceiling is high for the clerestory windows. The great room is visible to the eye just a few stairs below. Notice how the flagstone flooring is continued from the porch into the foyer.

View of clerestory windows from inside

The clerestory windows are functional both for light and ventilation. Without air conditioning these windows could be left open in hot weather for general cooling.

View of slate stairs

Slate is used also for these stair treads and risers. The built-in cabinets to the right are original but the doors were added later.

View of stone fireplace in great room

The rough-cut stone of the large fireplace and far wall along with the dark wood trim and cabinets give the look of a Western lodge to the great room. The ambiance is further enhanced with mission-style furnishings and Native American artifacts.

View of South facing window wall

To the South, a window wall overlooks a large patio and beautifully landscaped gardens. The fringed lamp is an inside joke of the owners.

View of pocket door between foyer and hall

A pocket-style door from the foyer to a hall is only hidden on the foyer side.

View of storage cabinets in half bath

A half bath near the main entry also provides for convenient storage.

View of half-height closets along the entry level front hallway

Heidrich took advantage of his multi-level design by installing half-height closets along the entry level front hallway.

View of wrap-around windows in kitchen

The kitchen is brightened by wrap-around windows. The windows overlook the rear patio and gardens.

View of patio from back yard

A large patio in the rear is enhanced by landscaped gardens. The center left corner windows are to the kitchen and to the right they are to the great room.

View of new addition from back yard

The area to the left of the bay window is a new addition. The addition harmonizes seamlessly with the original house. A former attached garage is now a family room.