Acknowledgements - Heidrich Collection

Name Role
Albright, Giff    Emeritus Professor of Architectural Engineering
Anderson, Art    Emeritus Professor of Architecture, CCHS Committee
Casselberry, Deborah D. Homeowner
Carubia, Josephine Homeowner
Coleman, Bill    Photographer
Hallock, Phil    Emeritus Professor of Architecture, colleague
Heidrich, Gery Son, Homeowner
Lewis, Felicia    Homeowner
Lewis, Pierce Homeowner
Lowe, Tim & Marsha Former Homeowners
Lynn, Fred High School Alumni President
Malcom, Ellen    Homeowner
O’Connor, D. B.    Former Homeowner
Eberly Family Special Collections Library Penn State University
Schuckers, David Homeowner
Schuckers, Elaine Homeowner
Shelley, Ian R.    Homeowner
Smith, J. B. Former Homeowner
Smith, Carolyn Homeowner
Smith, T. L. Homeowner
Voight, Barbara    Homeowner