Heidrich III | College Heights

The Heidrich House III

Kenneth J. and Dorothy G. Gerhart Heidrich
515 West Park Avenue

This is perhaps Heidrich’s ultimate house! Located centrally on West Park Avenue opposite the Penn State White Course, it has a spectacular view to complement its spectacular design. Many motifs recall the early 19th Century Arts and Crafts movement (when Wright was creating his prairie homes), but Heidrich melded them in his own unique way.  

Heidrich house III, front facade with snow


Facing southwest, the house is U-shaped with a bedroom wing to the west (left, above) off of the large central great room. To the East along Fairway Avenue are a large kitchen, laundry and sewing room, double-car garage, and large office space. The latter could also be used as a separate apartment.


Heidrich house III, front entry way

The extensive glass in the entry way makes it extremely inviting.

Heidrich house III, inside foyer

The foyer inside is equally welcoming. Note the distinctive center-mounted doorknob.

Heidrich house III, View from foyer to the University golf course.

View from foyer to the University golf course.

The hall to the bedroom wing shows extensive built-in storage.

Heidrich house III, Japanese-style sliding screens added to the great room window wall.

The Japanese-style sliding screens were added to the great room window wall by the current owners
to protect against the southern sun. When open, the view is to the golf course.

Heidrich house III, dining area picture window faces East, with a garden area beyond.

The dining area picture window faces east with a garden area beyond.

Heidrich house III, the copper “inverted funnel fireplace,” is easily the dominant object in the great room.

The “inverted funnel fireplace,” so-called by Heidrich’s then teen-aged son Gery, is easily the dominant object in the great room. Gery had the job of keeping it polished.

Heidrich house III, window wall beyond the fireplace.

Beyond the fireplace is a porch-like area. With its own window wall, one can pretend that it’s summer in the wintertime.

Heidrich house III, great room showing clerestory windows.

The fireplace is easily the focal point of the great room. While Heidrich’s designs were eclectic, they often featured a low shed roof and clerestory windows.

Heidrich house III, outside courtyard.

In the summertime the courtyard is the spot to be in. The mature trees and plantings make it a truly delightful place.

Heidrich house III, bathing area in master bedroom.

The bathing area in the master bedroom has a shelf for toiletries.

Heidrich house III, master bedroom with built-in dresser and mirror.

The master bedroom has a built-in dresser and mirror.

Heidrich house III, glass tiles in master bedroom bathing area.

Unique glass tiles are used to line the bathing area in the master bedroom.

Heidrich house III, closet wall in master bedroom.

As typical of the period, the master bedroom has a full closet wall.

Heidrich house III, pull-out shelf in the kitchen.

The pull-out shelf in the kitchen also pops up; it is intended for a food mixer.

Heidrich house III, kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets feature patterned glass doors; a laundry area is beyond.