Smith (T.L.) | Vallamont

The T. L. Smith House

Thomas L. and Carolyn C. Smith
943 Red Gate Lane

Heidrich likely had a fantastic time designing this home. He delighted in using various textures, colors, and shapes on his exteriors. Here he uses local stone, vertical siding, glass and timbers to shape the facade.

View of the T. L. Smith House, living room wing, from outside

The above is merely the living room wing of the house, by no means the whole. The overall design is modern California Ranch, a rather rambling style. It imitates a country home which began modestly and then was enlarged as the needs and means of its occupants grew.

The house is situated on several acres of beautifully landscaped grounds. The plantings were designed by Carolyn with the assistance of College Gardens.

View of the garage from outside

Approaching the house from the driveway, one arrives at the garage. The overall design roughly follows an “H’ pattern; the garage is at the base of the right leg.

To the left a path leads to the formal entry to the home. Notice the appearance of several individual bungalows for the rooms rather than a monolithic whole.

View of the entrance from outside

The formal entrance to the home is a bit cave-like: private and sheltering.

View of the bedroom wing from outside

To the left, the bedroom wing appears somewhat like an English cottage.

View of the master bedroom patio

The master bedroom has its own private patio. The area is enhanced by attractive trellises.

View of the connecting patio

Patios abound. The area between the upper “H” arms forms yet another attractive outdoor area. Steps gracefully cascade down to the ground level.

View of the back yard

Turning around, the view to the rear is lovely and peaceful. A neighbor’s grove of trees is enhanced by various foreground plantings.

View of the side entry from the outside

The side entry to the right of the garage is quite welcoming.

View of the main patio

The main patio behind it is shaded and attractive.