Heidrich Residential Architecture

Known Built State College Area Homes (as of February 9, 2010)


State College - College Heights
Name Address
Byers House 543 Clarence Avenue
* Harris House 500 Glenn Road
Heidrich I House 433 West Park Avenue
Heidrich III House 515 West Park Avenue
Kalin House 744 Jackson Street
McCormick House 504 Westview Avenue
**O’Connor (Heidrich II) House 415 West Park Avenue


State College - Highlands
Name Address
Boucher House 600 East Waring Avenue
Osborn House 330 East Irvin Avenue 


State College - Holmes-Foster
Name Address
Steinberg House South Patterson Street at West Fairmount Avenue


State College - South
Name Address
Condee House 1235 Old Boalsburg Road - major addition
Robertson House 266 Nimitz Avenue 
Smith (J.B.) II House 1281 Smithfield Street


State College - Vallamont
Name Address
Smith (T.L.) House 943 Red Gate Road


Name Address
***Cannon House 116 Redwood Lane - major addition


Name Address
Unknown House ???



* The architectural lineage of the Harris House is somewhat uncertain. Recent research suggests that this house may have been designed by Kenneth Heidrich, although some have attributed it to William Hajjar in the past.

** Heidrich II was built as a duplex, with John O’Connor as first tenant. O'Connor liked the house and offered to buy it.  Likely because Heidrich was the contractor-builder, property records show O’Connor as the first owner.

*** Information on the addition to the Cannon House can be found in: "3 Villages : Circle Drive (Wright-Hall), Redwood Lane (Johnstone), and Twigs Lane (Carpenter)" by Robert E. Malcolm - Call number: NA7239.H34M35 2010 Q