Byers | College Heights

 The Byers House

Richard O. and Gwen Byers
543 Clarence Avenue


Byers house, front facade


Richard Byers was Associate Professor of Journalism in Penn State’s School of Journalism. He taught there for eleven years until he resigned in 1961 to pursue an independent career as an investment counselor.

The house is conveniently located on a quiet street within walking distance of the University campus. The design is quite unique among Heidrich’s oeuvre. While not obvious at first glance, the structure is split level with two stories to the right and a tall great room to the left.

Byers house, rear facade

This rear view emphasizes the simplicity of the design.

Byers house, SE corner

The SE corner view shows stacked bedroom windows.

Byers house, NW corner

The NW corner view shows windows for the living area by the door plus dining and kitchen windows to the right and more bedroom windows to the left.