Cannon | Boalsburg

The Cannon House Bedroom Wing Addition

Michael R. (Mike) and Betty Cannon
116 Redwood Lane, Boalsburg, PA
c. 1950s


1) The following information on the addition to the Cannon House was taken from the following book: "3 Villages : Circle Drive (Wright-Hall), Redwood Lane (Johnstone), and Twigs Lane (Carpenter)" by Robert E. Malcolm - Call number: NA7239.H34M35 2010 Q

2) The Smith Letter:
In 2008, James B. Smith, a local contractor, wrote a brief letter detailing his experiences both working on the construction of two Heidrich houses (Osborn House and Cannon House Addition) as well as building and living in a Heidrich home of his own (J.B. Smith House II).

View of the Cannon House bedroom wing addition from the outside

Mike’s business became fairly successful through the years. Simultaneously, Mike and Betty’s family continued to grow and space was cramped. The Cannons decided to add a bedroom wing so each child could have their own room. The bedroom wing is to the left in the picture above.

Their friend Ken Heidrich was hired to do the design, which also included a family room on the lower level. Ken also designed a commercial building for Mike. Ken designed built-ins for each room comparable to those of Johnstone.

View of entry from the outside

An upper hall entry is adjacent to the main house entry.

View of entry from the outside

This entry view emphasizes the corner window treatment.

View of ground floor entry from outside

The ground floor has an entry into the family room. Bedrooms are all on the top level with a hall to the South.

View of built-in storage units in hall
View of built-in storage units in hall

Storage units are below the windows on the South side; bedrooms are opposite.

View of built-in storage units in bedrooms
View of built-in storage units in bedrooms

Bedrooms each have built-ins of quality comparable to the original house.

View of different built-in storage units in a bedroom

The layout of this bedroom differs from those on shown above.

View of family room, now used for exercise

A family room on the lower level is now used for exercise.