• Legislature appropriated $50,000 to complete Old Main.
  • First graduating class (11 men) received B.S.A. degree (Bachelor of Scientific Agriculture) in December; first to complete baccalaureate program at an American agricultural college.


  • School renamed Agricultural College of Pennsylvania, May 1.
  • Morrill Land-Grant Act signed by President Lincoln, July 2; established national system of public state universities to "promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in all the pursuits and professions of life;" emphasized agriculture and mechanic arts.
  • President Pugh wrote Succinct History of Agricultural Education in Europe and America with account of the Agricultural College of Pennsylvania.
  • Graduate program in agricultural chemistry began under President Pugh.


  • First master's degree (M.S.A.) awarded in January to C. Alfred Smith, '61.
  • Governor Curtin signed Morrill Act Acceptance Act on April 1, designating University as Pennsylvania's land-grant institution; state appointed commission to sell land-scrip, proceeds to form endowment fund from which institution receives income annually; state obligated to provide funds for maintenance; first income received, 1867; first maintenance appropriation from state, 1887.


  • William H. Allen became second President; resigned 1866.


  • Professor John Fraser appointed third President; planned mechanic arts curriculum and introduced term "practicum;" resigned 1868.


  • Three experimental farms purchased under Land-Grant Act in Chester, Indiana and Centre Counties; first two sold in 1887.


  • Thomas H. Burrowes named fourth President; died in office, 1871.


  • Harvest Home, forerunner of alumni reunions, begun by Burrowes as open house and farmers' implement trials; discontinued 1878.