Penn State Class Gifts

Nittany Lion Shrine Historical Display and Beautification

Class Gifts
Year Gift
1861 Portrait of Evan Pugh
Classes of 1861 through 1866 contributed toward Civil War Memorial tablet.
1862 Portrait of David Wilson, first vice president, professor
1892 Portrait of Josiah Jackson, professor.
1895 Centennial Student Aid Fund.
1898 Loan Fund - redesignated for Eisenhower Chapel pulpit (third unit).
1900 Portrait of George W. Atherton, seventh president.
Fifty memorial benches for the University Park Campus.
1903 Organ for Schwab Auditorium.
Gateway at Atherton Street-Pollock Road entrance to campus.
Bronze bust of President Atherton.
1904 Clock Tower for Old Main
1905 Scholarship and loan fund.
1907 Library books - President Atherton's personal library, mainly in political science.
Infirmary room equipment for proposed first hospital.
Library books in nuclear engineering for Engineering Library.
1908 Memorial scholarship fund for two annual freshman scholarship gifts.
Planted class ivy at commencement on McAllister Hall.
1909 Monument (granite) at President Atherton's grave beside Schwab Auditorium.
Planted class ivy at commencement on Armory Tower.
Bronze plaque with base-relief portrait of General James A. Beaver, mounted on boulder at Beaver Stadium.
1910 Clock in Carnegie Library.
Student loan fund.
Portrait of Joseph M. Willard, mathematics professor.
Planted class ivy at commencement on Old Engineering Building.
1911 Boulder (granite) at Open Air Theatre, front campus, marking Old Main quarry site.
Baseball grandstand at "new" Beaver Field.
Bronze busts: Fred Lewis Pattee, American Literature professor; Edwin Erle Sparks, eighth president; A. Howry Espenshade, English professor, registrar; Evan Pugh, first president.
Planted class ivy at commencement on Schwab Auditorium.
1912 Wireless tower and radio station.
Infirmary fund.
Class memorial loan fund.
Planted class ivy at commencement on Carnegie Building.
1913 Old Main stone terrace and steps.
Class memorial loan fund.
Drinking fountain at Old Willow, Allen Street mall.
Pipe organ (first) in Schwab Auditorium.
Concert harp in Arts I Recital Hall.
1914 Hospital building fund.
1915 Stone retaining wall on front campus.
Sun dial in front of Old Main.
Stone benches at HUB.
1916 Bronze lamp posts in front of Schwab Auditorium.
Memorial gateway at main entrance.
Memorial scholarship fund.
1917 President's chair (sedile) for commencement in auditorium.
Student loan fund.
1918 War Bonds.
Gateway at Pugh Street entrance with the class of 1917.
1919 Greek (stone) bench in Open Air Theatre
Class memorial fund.
1920 Memorial scholarship fund.
1921 Memorial scholarship fund.
1922 Memorial scholarship fund.
1923 Equipment and maintenance of X-ray room of infirmary.
1924 Memorial piano fund for Steinway Concert Piano.
The women of the class contributed part of the cost of a piano for Mary Beaver White Hall.
1925 Memorial gateway at Pugh Street entrance.
1926 Scoreboard and timer (electric) for "new" Beaver Field.
The women of the class presented kitchen equipment for Mary Beaver White Hall.
1927 Development of a winter sports park at Thompson Spring.
1928 Class ivy planted.
Development of a winter sports park at Thompson Spring.
Scholarship fund.
1929 Class ivy planted.
Development of a winter sports park at Thompson Spring.
1930 Development of a winter sports park at Thompson Spring.
1931 Development of a winter sports park at Thompson Spring.
1932 Temporary loan fund.
Mural in Old Main - Land Grant Fresco by Henry Varnum Poor
Library books fund.
1933 Loan fund.
Artists course revival.
Memorial Award for an Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Humanities by a Penn State Faculty Member.
Endowment fund.
1934 Elevator in infirmary.
Student loan fund.
1935 Library books endowment fund.
1936 Pipe organ for Schwab Auditorium.
Telescope on Buckhout Laboratory roof.
1937 Westminster Chimes, carillon unit for Old Main tower.
Student loan fund.
1938 Astronomical observatories.
Pipe organ for Arts I recital hall.
Class funds added to Renaissance Fund.
1939 Ski lodge (Bald Top Mountain near Boalsburg).
All-faith chapel fund.
1940 Nittany Lion shrine sculpture by Heinz Warneke
1941 Scholarship loan fund.
1942 Loan fund for war veterans of class returning to college.
1943 Memorial loan fund.
1944 Two flag poles for "new" Beaver Field.
Memorial scholarship fund.
1945 Student union building fund contribution.
1946 Mural in Old Main.
1947 Student union building fund.
1948 Student press fund.
Furniture to be used in Alumni Office reception area.
1949 Student art display area.
Operation of book exchange.
1950 Positiv (portable organ)
1951 Donald MacIntire Memorial Scholarship Fund
1952 Student radio station.
Funds for piano and Faculty Club.
1953 Chapel fund.
Record album collection for library.
1954 Chapel fund.
1955 Chapel fund.
1956 Ambulance for Ritenour Health Center.
1957 Library books for recreational reading.
1958 Student AM radio station.
1959 Library fund for books by contemporary American writers.
1960 Entrance gate to Beaver Stadium.
President's Fund
1961 Study abroad scholarship.
Boat dock and landing facilities at Stone Valley Lake.
President's Fund.
1962 Loan fund.
1963 Loan fund.
43-inch bronze seal of the University over the fireplace in the main lounge of the HUB.
1964 Library books fund for American cultural heritage collection.
24-inch numeral electric time clock for Beaver Stadium.
1965 Mobile, "Spring Blossoms," by Alexander Calder in Playhouse lobby, Arts II.
1966 Sundial on Old Main terrace.
1967 Fund to be invested by the University. Gift to be designated at a later date.
1968 Class of 1968 scholarship.
1969 The Lion's Pantry, the student food bank
1970 Renaissance Fund.
1971 Renaissance Fund.
1972 Commonwealth Campuses Renaissance Fund.
University Libraries Art Museum.
1973 Commonwealth Campuses Renaissance Fund.
University Libraries Art Museum.
1974 Commonwealth Campuses Renaissance Fund.
University Libraries Art Museum.
1975 Commonwealth Campuses Renaissance Fund.
University Libraries Art Museum.
1976 Commonwealth Campuses Renaissance Fund.
University Libraries Art Museum.
1977 University Libraries The Arts.
1978 Antique bronze bell for football stadium.
Kevin Steinberg Memorial Scholarship Fund as part of Renaissance Fund.
1979 University Libraries Scholarship Fund.
1980 Class Fund Agriculture Activities Center
1981 Class Fund Commonwealth Campuses Colleges
Agriculture Activities Center
1982 Stone Valley Commonwealth Campuses Colleges
1983 Stone Valley Commonwealth Campuses Colleges
Ag. Arena
1984 University Libraries Endowed Book Fund
Commonwealth Campuses Colleges
1985 University Libraries books and materials
1986 Elm Re-Leaf '86 for the campus mall which funded the purchase of elm trees
1987 Landscaping the entrance to Penn State at the corner of College Avenue and Shortlidge Road
1988 Computerized interview training center for Career Development and Placement Services
1989 Outdoor study lounge adjacent to Pattee Library
1990 Creamery Courtyard
1991 Creamery Cafe
1992 PSU Landmark Sign by Beaver Stadium
1993 Valerie Christein Urgent Care Unit in Ritenour Building
1994 Extended Hours Facility, Pattee Library
1995 Foundry Park
1996 Elm Tree Endowment
1997 Peace Garden
1998 HUB Terrace
1999 HUB Aquariums
2000 Living Machine Project
2001 Historic Light Restoration Project
2002 Historic Street Clock Project
2003 HUB-Robeson Mural
2004 Willard Plaza
2005 Sesquicentennial Commemorative Design piece - part of HUB lawn reconstruction
2006 East Campus Tulip Tree Promenade
2007 Celebration Garden at Rec Hall
2008 Gateway Element at Atherton and Curtin Roads
2009 Restoration and Display of the Old Main Bell
2010 Marsh Meadow Boardwalk and Overlook at the Arboretum
2011 Penn State Veterans Plaza
2012 Nittany Lion Shrine Historical Display and Beautification
2013 "We Are" Sculpture
2014 HUB Green Roof Terrace
2015 Solar Panel Array
2016 Endowment for Penn State's Center for Counseling & Psychological Services
2017 Lion's Pantry Program Student Endowment
2018 HUB Alma Mater display:  The Student Farm Endowment; support for the Textbook and Educational Resources Fund
2019 Pollinator and Bird Garden Entryway Dedication in the Arboretum
2020 CAPS Endowment
2021 Student Access and Equity Fund
2022 UPUA/UHS Wellness Fund
2023 Support for Complete Penn State
2024 UPUA Basic Needs Endowment