EMS Special Publications

These are generally publications of large tables of data or other information of interest which originates at the Earth and Mineral Sciences Experiment Station. Some of these are available in our collection and can be found at TN24.P4P45.

Number Title
Special Publications from EMS Experiment Station
S.P. 1-64 Phase Equilibria Among Oxides in Steelmaking. Arnulf Muan and E.F. Osborn. 1965.
S.P. 2-64 A Crystallographic Least-Squares Refinement Program for the IBM 7074 in Fortran II. Identification: PSC-Mark 2. V. and A.J. Dunning. April 1965.
S.P. 3-64 X-Ray Wavelengths and Crystal Interchange Settings for Wavelength Geared Curved Crystal Spectrometers. (Second Edition). E.W. White, G.V. Gibbs, G.G. Johnson, Jr., and G.R. Zechman, Jr. May 1965.
S.P. 1-65 The Measurement of Boron and Other Impurities in Semi-Conductor Materials by Mass Spectrometry. L.F. Herzog, II, T.J. Eskew and P. Deines. December 1965.
S.P. 2-65 Proceedings of Symposium and Short Course on Computers and Operations Research in Mineral Industries. April 17-23, 1966. The Pennsylvania State University, Edited by J.J. Schanz. Vol. I, Vol. II, Vol. III.
S.P. 1-69 Probability Tables for Locating elliptical Targets with Square, Rectangular, and Hexagonal Point-Nets. Donald A. Singer and Frans E. Wickman. August 1969.
S.P. 3-69 Reclamation of Metallic Values from Steel Mill Grindings. S.C. Sun, D.C. McLean, W.W. Wen, D.W. Hutchinson, and S.S. Hsieh.  1970
S.P. 1-70 X-ray emission and absorption edge wave-lengths and interchange settings for LiF geared curved crystal spectrometer. E.W. White and G.G. Johnson, Jr. 1970.
S.P. 2-70 The assessment of mineral lands in Pennsylvania. Jules A. MacKallor and George H.K. Schenck. 1970.
S.P. 3-70 Marketing and distribution of Pennsylvania Bluestone. Wayne G. Mikutowicz and George K. Schenck. 1970.
S.P. 4-70 Future strategies for Pennsylvania bluestone industry. Wayne G. Miktowicz and George H.K. Schenck. 1970.
S.P. 1-71 Clays and shales of Pennsylvania (abstracts of publications and theses to 1970). W.O. Williamson and F.L. Kennard. 1971.
S.P. 2-71 Relationships between ceramic properties, mineralogy, and geochemistry of some Pennsylvania clays and shales. W.O. Williamson and E.G. Williams. 1971.
S.P. 3-71 Upper Devonian flagstones (bluestones) from northwestern Pennsylvania : the relationship among bedforms, occurrence, composition, texture, and physical properties. (plate I; plate II) Steven Krajewski and E.G. Williams. 1971.
S.P. 1-73 Geologic and mineralogic factors controlling the properties and occurrence of ladle brick clays. Philip W. Holbrook and E.G. Williams. 1973.
S.P. 2-73 Saving fuel. Robert H. Essenhigh. 1973.