Coal Research Board Special Research Reports

Special Research Reports were prepared for the Pennsylvania Coal Research Board and issued from 1957 - 1993. (TP325.P45)  Prior to publication, reports on research related to these projects appeared in "Report of Research on Pennsylvania's Coal Resources. Working Reports and Interim Progress Reports." 1957-1972.

Special Research prepared for the Pennsylvania Coal Research Board, issued from 1957 - 1993. (TP325.P45)

Number Title, Author, Year
SR-1 The Crushing of Anthracite, by Herbert Beecher Chambury. 1957.
SR-2 Petrographic Composition and Sulfur Content of a Column of Pittsburg Seam Coal, by Russell Richardson Dutche. 1958.
SR-3 The Thermal Decrepitation of Anthracite, by Eric Thompson Nelson. 1958.
SR-4 The Crushing of Anthracite with a Jaw Crusher, by Pemmasani Dharma Rao. 1958.
SR-5 Reactions of a Bituminous Coal with Sulfuric Acid, by Corliss Robert Kinney. 1959.
SR-6 Laboratory Studies on the Grindability of Anthracite and Other Coals, by Coal Reserve Board. 1959.
SR-7 Coal Characteristics and Their Relationship to Combustion Techniques, by Theodore Sprang Spicer. 1959.
SR-8 The Crushing of Anthracite with an Impactor-Type Crusher, by Pemmasani Dharma Rao. 1959.
SR-9 The Ignitability of Bituminous Coal (A Resume of a Literature Survey), by Clement Seymour Finney. 1959.
SR-10 Effect of Gamma Radiation and Oxygen at Ambient Temperatures on the Subsequent Plasticity of Bituminous Coal, by Frank Rusinko. 1959.
SR-11 Properties and Reactions Exhibited by Anthracite Lithotypes Under Termal Stress, by Mason Walsh, Jr. 1959.
SR-12 Removal of Mineral Matter from Anthracite by Chlorination at High Temperatures, by George Romero Imperial. 1959.
SR-13 Radiation Stability of a Coal Tar Pitch, by Anton Roeger. 1959.
SR-14 The Effect of Nuclear Reactor Irradiation During Low Temperature Carbonization of Bituminous Coals, by J.A. Hammond. 1959.
SR-15 Effect of Anthracite and Gamma Radiation at Ambient Temperature on the Subsequent Plasticity of Bituminous Coals, by Frank Rusinko. 1959.
SR-16 The Isothermal Kinetics of Volatile Matter Release from Anthracite, by Jean Worall. 1959.
SR-17 The Combustion of Dust Clouds: A Survey of the Literature, by Daniel James Seery. 1959.
SR-18 The Ignitability of Bituminous Coal, by Clement Seymour Finney. 1960.
SR-19 Changes in Coal Sulfur During Carbonization, by Richard A. Anderson. 1960.
SR-20 The Radiation Chemistry of Coal in Various Atmospheres, by Allan Weinstein. 1960.
SR-21 Reaction of Bituminous Coal with Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, by M.P. Thomas. 1960.
SR-22 The Nature and Occurrence of Ash-Forming Minerals in Anthracite, by William Spackman. 1960.
SR-23 A Phenomenological Approach to the Batch Grinding of Coals, by Robin Pierce Gardner. 1961.
SR-24 The Unsteady State Diffusion of Gases from Anthracite at High Temperatures, by Eric Thompson Nelson. 1961.
SR-25 Some Advances in X-ray Diffractometry and Their Application to the Study of Anthracites and Carbons, by Michael Arthur Short. 1961.
SR-26 The Filtration of Coal Solutions, by Anthony M. Cecere. 1961.
SR-27 A Preliminary Investigation into the Application of Coal Petrography in the Blending of Anthracite and Bituminous Coals for the Production of Metallurgical Coke, by Bruce Donald Middleton. 1961.
SR-28 Preparation and Properties of Activated Carbons Prepared from Nitric Acid Treatment of Bituminous Coal, by Edward Stephen John Tomezsko. 1961.
SR-29 The Reaction of Selected Bituminous Coals with Concentrated Sulfuric Acid, by James R. Malone. 1961.
SR-30 Investigations on the Operation of the Circular Concentrator for Cleaning Fine Coal, by James Kelley Kindig. 1962.
SR-31 Mineral Matter Removal from Anthracite by High Temperature Chlorination by George Romero Imperial. 1962.
SR-32 The Effect of Crusher Type on the Liberation of Sulfur in Bituminous Coals, by Daniel William Kestner. 1962.
SR-33 Investigation of the Circular Concentrator - Flotation Circle System for Cleaning Fine Coal, by Daniel William Kestner. 1962.
SR-34 Reactions of Coal with Atomic Species, by Francis Joseph Vastola. 1962.
SR-35 The Preparation Characteristics of the Bituminous Coal Reserves in Pennsylvania with Special Emphasis on Sulfur Reduction, by Daryl Samuel Confer. 1962.
SR-36 A Study of the Burning Velocity of Laminar Coal Dust Flames, by Howard Benedict Palmer. 1962.
SR-37 Molecular Sieve Material From Anthracite, by Joseph Edward Metcalf. 1962.
SR-38 Studies of Anthracite Coal at High Pressures and Temperatures, by The Pennsylvania Coal Research Board. 1963.
SR-39 Coal Flotation of Low-Grade Pennsylvania Anthracite Silts, by Hok-Shing Liu. 1963.
SR-40 Changes in the Physical Properties of Anthracite Upon Heat Treatment, by Venkatar Aman Ramadass. 1963.
SR-41 Some Aspects of the Chemistry of Sulfur in Relation to Its Presence in Coal, by P.H. Given. 1963.
SR-42 The Unsteady State Diffusion of Gases from Coals, by P.L. Walker. 1964.
SR-43 The Effect of Concentration and Particle Size on the Burning Velocity of Laminar Coal Dust Flames, by W.F. Marshall. 1964.
SR-44 The Electrokinetic Behavior of Anthracite Coals and Lithotypes, by John A.L. Campbell. 1964.
SR-45 An Investigation of the Cyclone for Fine Coal Cleaning, bt Kenneth James Munn. 1964.
SR-46 The Utilization of Coal Refuse for the Manufacture of Lightweight Aggregate, by Ronald W. Utley. 1964.
SR-47 A Simulation Model on the Optimal Design of Belt Conveyor Systems, by Richard Lee Sanford. 1965.
SR-48 Beneficiation of Fly Ash, by R.L. Hornberger. 1965.
SR-49 Application of Linear Programming Methods of Mine Planning and Scheduling, by Charles Basil Manula. 1965.
SR-50 Petrographic Composition and Sulfur Content of Selected Pennsylvania Bituminous Coal Seams, by S.P. Mansfield. 1965.
SR-51 Preliminary Investigation of Fog Disposal Methods Applicable to Greater Pittsburgh Airport, by Joel Norman Myers. 1965.
SR-52 Subsurface Disposal of Acid Mine Water by Injection Wells, by Robert Stefanko. 1965.
SR-53 Roof Bolt Load and Differential Sag Measurements, by Rodolfo V. De la Cruz. 1965.
SR-54 A Study of the Reactions Between Coal and Coal Mine Drainage, by Robert D. Reese. 1965.
SR-55 Methods Employed for Underground Stowing (A Resume of a Literature Survey), by Peter Luckie. 1966.
SR-56 Computer Simulation of Materials Handling in Open Pit Mining, by Thomas J. O'Neil. 1966.
SR-57 The Evaluation of Anthracite Refuse as a Highway Construction Material, by Peter T. Luckie. 1966.
SR-58 An Investigation of the Cleaning of Bituminous Coal Refuse Fines by an Experimental Hydrocyclone, by Peter T. Luckie. 1966.
SR-59 Chlorination and Activation of Pennsylvania Anthracites, by R.A. Falconer. 1966.
SR-60 Development and Testing of an Injection Well for the Subsurface Disposal of Acid Mine Water, by Robert Stefanko. 1967.
SR-61 Investigation of the Cyclone Washing of Fine Coal In Water, by Lothar H.E. Weyher. 1966.
SR-62 Linear Programming Short Course, by Charles Basil Manula. 1967.
SR-63 Planning Belt Conveyor Networks using Computer Simulation, by Charles Basil Manula. 1967.

The Economic Importance of the Coal Industry to Pennsylvania, by George H.K. Schenck. 1967.

SR-65 An Evaluation of Factors Influencing Acid Mine Drainage Production from Various Strata of the Allegheny Group and the Ground Water Interactions in Selected Areas of Western Pennsylvania, by Frank Thomas Caruccio. 1967.

Potential Injection Well Strata for Acid Mine Water Disposal in Pennsylvania, by Robert Stefanko. 1967.


A Survey of the Location, Magnitude, Characteristics and Potential Uses of Pennsylvania Refuse, by James W. Peters. 1968.

SR-68 A Landscape Architectural Approach to Reclamation of Development of Deep Anthracite Strip Pits, by E. Lynn Miller. 1968.
SR-69 The Oxygenation of Iron (II) - Relationship to Coal Mine Drainage Treatment, by T.E. Stauffer. 1968.
SR-70 A Method for Determining the Partition Curve of a Coal Washing Process, by Peter T. Luckie. 1969.
SR-71 The Reinvestigation of Highly Acidic Spoil Banks in the Bituminous Coal Region of Pennsylvania, by Martin L. Horn. 1969.
SR-72 Acid and Aluminum Toxicity as Related to Strip Mine Spoil Banks in Western Pennsylvania, by L.E. Beyer.  1969.
SR-73 Designing a Rock Bolting System, by D.S. Choi. 1969.
SR-74 An Electrokinetic Study of Bituminous Coal Froth Flotation and Flocculation, by John A.L. Campbell. 1969.
SR-75 A Complete Mining Simulation, by C.B. Manula. 1969.
SR-76 An Investigation of the Natural Beneficiation of Coal Mine Drainage, by Robert Ion Lachman. 1970.
SR-77 Application of a Continuous Mining System in a Medium Pitching Anthracite Bed of Northeastern Pennsylvania, by Ghanashyann Mishra. 1970.
SR-78 Evaluation of Monorail Mine Haulage System, by Sakir Oguz. 1971.
SR-79 Pennsylvania Anthracite Refuse: A Summary of a Literature Survey on Utilzation and Disposal, by Theodor Sprang Spicer. 1971.
SR-80 Investigation of the Haldex (Simdex) Process for Beneficiating Coal Refuse: Hungarian Practice - 1969, by D.C. McLean. 1971.
SR-81 Coal Mine Refuse Disposal in Great Britain, by H. Gordon Glover. 1971.
SR-82 Prevention of Coal Mine Drainage Formation by Well Dewatering, by Parizek. 1971.
SR-83 Pennsylvania Anthracite Refuse: A Literature Survey on Chemical Elements in Coal and Coal Refuse, by Shiou-chuan Sun. 1971.
SR-84 Shallow Groundwater Flow System Beneath Strip and Deep Coal Mines at Two Sites, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, by Robert Lewis Brown. 1971.
SR-85 The Design and Application of Borehole Extensometer, by Howard George Spark.  1971.
SR-86 Methodology for the Characteristics of Anthracite Refuse, by Dale Allen Augenstein. 1971.
SR-87 Crushing Anthracite Refuse, by J.K. Greenlee. 1971.
SR-88 Environmental Characteristics Affecting Plant Growth on Deep-Mine Coal Refuse Banks, by Donald Nevinson Thompson. 1971.
SR-89 Ectomycorrhizal Establishment and Seedling Response on Variously Treated Deep-Mine Coal Refuse, by Andrew Koiner Nicholas. 1971.
SR-90 Anthracite Refuse Pollution and Socio-Economic Planning in Northeastern Pennsylvania., by Robert Paul Larkin. 1971.
SR-91 A Study of the Concrete Block Industry: A National and Regional Approach, by Thomas George Langton. 1972.
SR-92 Growth of Tree Seedlings and Use of Amendments of Bituminous Refuse, by George Washington Welsh.. 1972.
SR-93 Bulk Transport of Anthracite Refuse, by Elizabeth Anne Semon. 1973.
SR-94 Operation Anthracite Refuse, by Herbert Beecher Chambury. 1973.
SR-95 Simulation of Quantity and Quality Control in Mining Ventilation, by Angelius Silesius Owili-Eger. 1973.
SR-96 The Utilization of Incinerated Anthracite Mine Refuse as an Aggregate in Bituminous Mixes for Surfacing Highways, by Herbert Beecher Chambury. 1973.
SR-97 Feasibility Study of the Vertical Transport of Coal by Pipeline, by Richard Allen Hartman. 1973.
SR-98 Further Studies in the Treatment of Coal Mine Drainage Formation by Biochemical Iron Oxidation and Limestone Neutralization, by Harold Lemuel Lovell. 1974.
SR-99 Analysis of Leakage and Friction Factors in Coal Mine Ventilation Systems, by R. Kharkar. 1974.
SR-100 Hydrogeological Influences in Preventative Control Mine Drainage from Deep Coal Mining, by Harold Lemuel Lovell. 1974.
SR-101 Effect of Mulches and Amendments on the Survival and Growth of Vegetation Planted on Anthracite Processing Wastes, by M. Kusko. 1974. 
SR-102 A Computer Simulation Model for Coal Preparation Plant Design and Control, by Anthony Walters. 1976.
SR-103 A Report on Anthracite Open Pit Mining - A Feasibility Study, by the Department of Mineral Engineering. 1976. Part I. Summary Report.
SR-104 Part II. Engineering and Mine Cost Analysis Report Exhibits Nos. 1 and 2, by the Department of Mineral Engineering.
SR-105 Part III. Estimating Relocation Costs Report Exhibit No. 3, by the Department of Mineral Engineering.
SR-106 Part IV. Environmental Reclamation Report Exhibit No. 4, by the Department of Mineral Engineering.
SR-107 Part V. Demographic Impact Simulation Report Exhibit No. 5, by the Department of Mineral Engineering.
SR-108 Part VI. Legal Requirements for Anthracite Surface Mining Report Exhibit No.6, by the Department of Mineral Engineering.
SR-109 Part VII. A Preliminary Community Attitude Survey in the Middle Anthracite Region. Report Exhibit No. 7, by the Department of Mineral Engineering.
SR-110 Pyrite in Coal - Its Forms and Distribution as Related to the Environments of Coal Deposition in Three Selected Coals from Western Pennsylvania, by Jamie Reyes-Navarro. 1976.
SR-111 An Analysis of Underground Extraction Techniques for Thick Coal Seams, by Christopher John Bise. 1976.
SR-112 The Use of Pennsylvania Coals in Low BTU Gasification Processes - A Preliminary Study, by W. Spackman. 1976.
SR-113 Digital Simulation of the Yield Potential of the Elliot Park-Burgoon Aquifer in Eastern Clearfield and Western Centre Counties, Pennsylvania,  by James M. Gerhart. 1977.
SR-114 A Computer Analysis of Coal Preparation Plant Economics and Equipment Selection, by R.D. Zigmond. 1979.
SR-115 Mine Development Project Management: A Case Study, Based on Coal Preparation Plant, by F.G. Crack. 1980.
SR-116 Optimal Location of and Production Scheduling for a Centralized Coal Preparation Plant, by Barbaro. 1982.
SR-117 Volatile Matter Release During Pyrolysis of Demineralized and Metal Cation Loaded Lignites, by Yoshinobu Otake. 1982.
SR-118 Tectonic History of Coal-Bearing Sediments in Eastern Pennsylvania Using Coal Reflectance Anisotropy, by Jeffrey R. Levine. 1983.
SR-119 Handbook of State and Local Taxation of Solid Minerals, by George H.K. Schenck. 1984.
SR-120 An Investigation into the Distribution of Sulfur in a Longwall Panel, by Ralph Wesley Barbaro. 1986.
SR-121 Aspects of Petrography, Palynology and Inorganic Constituents of Subbituminous Coal from Canyon Creek, Alaska, a High-latitude Tertiary Coal Field, by Michelle N. Lamberson. 1988.
SR-122 The Chemistry of Coal Maceral Fluorescence, with Special Reference to the Humanite/Vitrinite Group, by Rui Lin. 1988.
SR-123 Valuation of Coal Mining Properties, by John Weir.