Papers in Geography

This series from the Department of Geography was published intermittently from 1969 to 1978.

  1. On the form of drainage basins / Werritty, A. (Alan), 1969
  2. A more realistic derivation of regression parameters / Riddell, Barry J., 1969
  3. Behavior space and perception space: a reconnaissance / Haynes, Robin Michael, 1969
  4. GIPSY: a Geographic Incremental Plotting System / Monmonier, Mark Stephen, 1969
  5. Patterns of Mother tongue retention among several selected ethnic groups in Western Canada / Cybriwsky, Roman Adrian, 1970
  6. AZTRAN, SURF: Two programs for computer mapping in geography / Cerny, James W., 1970
  7. A Symposium on Population Pressures upon Physical and Social Resources in the Developing Lands: an abridged version of the discussions held September 18-23, 1967 at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania / organized and edited by Wilbur Zelinsky, Leszek A. KosiƄski, R. Mansell Prothero, 1969
  8. A study of conflict in resource perception: the mineral king controversy / [by] James W. Cerny, 1971
  9. City space and schools and race: a conceptual safari into the wilds of urban public education and its geographic role in contemporary urban crises / [by] Anthony Kuz and Eugene L. Ziegler, 1971
  10. A spatial example of entropy as a measure of intra-urban income variation / Charles E. Monroe, 1971
  11. On the complexity of maps / Gatrell, Anthony Charles, 1974
  12. Goal programming and complex problem-solving in geography / J. Chapman McGrew, Jr., 1975
  13. Distributing food to the Sahel: a pilot study in linear and goal programming / Annik Rogier, 1975
  14. The advance of frontier settlement in Pennsylvania, 1638-1850: a geographic interpretation / John Florin, 1977
  15. The industrial and occupational structure of the American labor force / Ronald Abler and John S. Adams, 1977
  16. Geographical aspects of the housing market in a rejuvenating neighborhood / Roman A. Cyriwsky and James T. Meyer, 1977
  17. Changes in the spatial variation of Pennsylvania fertility rates, 1960-1970 / Joseph W. Bencloski, 1978