Gifts and Acquisitions


Historic Maps of Pennsylvania - Gift of Harold J. Cramer

Harold J. Cramer Map Collection - Large gift of Pennsylvania atlases and rolled maps. In process.


2020 - 2021

Title Call Number Fund
Current Acquisitions
City of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1932 G3824.L2
Maps General Fund
Congo 1:1 000 000 (1 cm = 10 km) : carte haute précision et lisibilité optimale, itinéraires pittoresques, patrimoine historique et naturel G8700
Maps General Fund
How to make maps:  an introduction to theory and practice of cartography GA105.3.A67
Maps General Fund
Insurance maps of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Volumes 1, 2, 5, 11) G3824.P6G4
75 s06.S2
Ruby Skiner Miller Atlas Fund
Map of the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co's railroads and connections G3716.P3
Maps General Fund
Map showing Chester-Bridgeport Ferry District, with diagram of main highways extending into surrounding territory G3724.C5P2
1933. D4

Maps General Fund

Pennsylvania G3820
Maps General Fund
Pennsylvania Department of Commerce pictorial and historical map G3821.A5
Maps General Fund
Philadelphia Rapid Transit System street car, bus, and subway-elevated lines G3824.P5P33 1936.P5 Maps General Fund
Rand McNally official 1919 auto trails map : District Number 4, N.E. Ohio, western Pennsylvania, S.E. Michigan, and western New York G3711.P2 1919.R3 Maps General Fund
Republic & Democratic Republic of the Congo 1:2 000 000 : rip & waterproof G8700 2012.R4 Maps General Fund
Singing the trail : the story of mapping Aotearoa New Zealand GA194.M33 2019 Maps General Fund
There and back again : the map of the Hobbit G9930 1995.H6 Maps General Fund