Maps & Geospatial Web Content Institutional Review


Library website content including LibGuides, collections, and services pages related to maps and geospatial academic libraries were identified during theĀ fall 2021 through spring 2022. Other academic libraries focused on those in the United States primarily, with some in Canada as well.

Items were selected in order to review content and determine additions and enhancements to current Maps and GIS website content. The LibGuides for BTAA institutions were examined in relation to the subject terms, subjects of authors, and tags used. Based on this review, additional tags were added to the Penn State geospatial guides to aid in their discovery. Additional tags, such as the names of specific software applications (i.e. ArcGIS), and related terminology (i.e. data visualization) were added to the appropriate guides.

The listing of maps and geospatial guides, collection pages, and service pages were compiled into this list with over 500 entries for reference in terms of helpful resources at other academic libraries is not an exhaustive list.