PA Historical County Atlases

Based on the Historical Maps of Pennsylvania website, links were added to freely available scans from the Library of Congress, the David Rumsey Collection, Penn State University Libraries, the Pennsylvania State Archives, the Free Library of Philadelphia and others. Information was gathered from several checklists (see below) along with historical county information, to create an authoritative listing of early Pennsylvania maps and atlases.

Many atlases have not been scanned yet. Many of these can be found on USGenWeb Archives for free in black and white by township or Historic Map Works to view for free from domains.

City atlases are not listed here but can be found on the Historical Maps of Pennsylvania website. Atlases of City of Philadelphia are too numerous to include here, although a few are listed under the County of Philadelphia. See Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network for scans of Philadelphia city maps and atlases.

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Listing of abbreviations indicating the source of the item on the list:

See the Pennsylvania Early County Maps and Atlases project page for details.