Request a Geospatial or Maps Research Consultation

We provide consultation support and expertise for your geospatial, geographic information systems (GIS), and map research needs.

Request a Geospatial Consultation

Work with our experts to:

  • locate geospatial data or digital resources
  • explore geospatial desktop and online software applications including ESRI and open source options
  • further your analysis experience with working with geospatial information, imagery, and remote sensing data through hands-on experience.

Schedule an appointment by using the Schedule Appointment tool referenced below. General inquiries about our consultation services should be directed to

Request a Map Research Consultation

Our staff members also offer expertise in analyzing and interpreting map data. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your map needs by sending a request to

We always welcome in-person consultations, but are happy to consider remote communications channels for those at a campus location or who study online.


We welcome you to use the following acknowledgement to recognize our consultation support: "We thank our colleagues at the Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information, University Libraries, The Pennsylvania State University, for providing expertise and insights in support of our work."