Maps and GIS Diversity Resources


This project focused on searching public websites for geospatial data, online maps, resources, and geospatial projects related to diversity themes. Diversity themes of which a selection of items are highlighted includes civil rights, African American history, Native American history, women, LGBTQ, language, education, population, and international data.

Access this compilation of a selection of maps and GIS diversity resources via this document.

Additional outcome includes a Maps & Geospatial: Diversity Resources guide.

Project Contributors

  • Ishaan Anavkar
  • Zhaogeng Ding
  • Jamie Friedken
  • Katie Giesa
  • Milan Liu
  • Daniel Valadas
  • Thomas Whalon

Project Supervisor

Tara Anthony (GIS Specialist)


Valadas, D. (2021). University Libraries Student Showcase.

Anthony, T. (2020). Integrating Diversity into Geospatial Projects: ​Geospatial Diversity Resources Guide. Central PA GIS Day.