Data Visualization Award

The Data Visualization Award, offered by the University Libraries’ Data Learning Center, is designed to increase digital information literacy by raising awareness of the importance of data visualization and celebrating good examples.

Award total

A total of $250 will be awarded to overall winner(s) in the poster session, with data visualization judged separately from the other poster criteria. There may be one or more than one winner, with the monies split between all winners.


Any static form of visualization used to communicate results of data research, as presented in the student’s poster, will be eligible for scoring. All student posters will be automatically considered for the Data Visualization Award. Only poster submissions are eligible at this time.

Consent to Share

The winner(s) of the award must agree to share their visualization via ScholarSphere, Penn State's institutional repository, under a Creative Commons license.  Please visit the ScholarSphere site to learn more about this service.


Contact the Data Learning Center via email with inquiries and/or requests for assistance.