Data Management and Sharing

Data management and sharing supports users through one-to-one consultations, workshops & training, guest lectures, and online resources for data management planning and implementation as well as data sharing and preservation. Services are available for undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, staff, and faculty at all Penn State campuses at no cost.

Support includes assistance with creating and implementing data management plans, reviewing data management plans prior to proposal submission, employing best practices for managing data (file naming and folder organization, metadata and data documentation to make data “FAIR”, etc.), selecting a data repository, preparing data for sharing and preservation, depositing data in ScholarSphere, and data curation for deposits to ScholarSphere.

The Penn State University Libraries manages ScholarSphere, an institutional repository, for all types of scholarly materials, including publications, creative works, and research data. Researchers at Penn State can use ScholarSphere to satisfy open access and data availability requirements (e.g., FAIR) from funding agencies and publishers.


Tools and Platforms

Data Management Planning

Active Data Storage

Data Repository Selection

Penn State University Repositories


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