Research Informatics and Publishing

Important Notice

Consultations and workshops for statistics, research data management, data analytics, quantitative text analysis, geospatial analysis, data visualization, and open access publishing are now available virtually! Contact us for more information!

The Department of Research Informatics and Publishing enhances the technology-driven teaching and research capacity of the Penn State community. We partner with students, faculty, and staff to consult, provide training, and support projects in the areas of research data management, digital humanities, mapping, statistical analysis, and open publishing.

Our services are based on the tenets of openness, innovation and technology, collaboration, and supporting the entire research workflow.

Services and Centers


Department Contact Information

W312 Pattee Library
University Park, PA 16802

Dan Coughlin

Head Libraries Strategic Technologies and Interim Head of Research Informatics and Publishing

Research Informatics and Publishing Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Tara L Anthony Interim Head of the Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information 814-863-5753
Denise Burgher CBDR Research Associate 814-865-2095
Jim Casey CBDR Managing Director 814-865-2095
Daphney Chancy CBDR Administrative Support Coordinator 814-865-2095
Allis Choi Part-Time Staff 814-865-2095
Kevin Clair Digital Collections Librarian 814-865-6763
Lauren Cooper CBDR Research Librarian 814-865-2095
Dan Coughlin Head Libraries Strategic Technologies and Interim Head of Research Informatics and Publishing 814-863-0468
Samantha de Vera CBDR Research Associate 814-865-2095
Semonti Dey Graduate Assistant 814-865-2095
Seth Erickson Research Data Librarian - Social Sciences 814-863-1580
P. Gabrielle Foreman CBDR Co-Director 814-865-2095
Dr Heather Froehlich Literary Informatics Librarian 814-865-7908
Tyler Garner Graduate Assistant - Statistical Data Analysis Consultant 814-865-2095
Guanlin He Graduate Assistant 814-865-2095
Paulina Krys Data Analytics and Visualizations Assistant (Part-Time) 814-865-2095
Allyson Laird Open Publishing Program Coordinator 814-867-3702
Georgia MacZura Open Publishing Program Assistant 814-865-2095
Shirley Moody-Turner CBDR Co-Director 814-865-2095
Angel Peterson Open Publishing Production Specialist 814-865-2486
Nathan Piekielek Geospatial Services Librarian 814-865-3703
Ellen Poplavska Open Publishing Editorial Assistant 814-865-2095
Alan Reyes Graduate Assistant - Data Concierge 814-865-2095
Heather Ross Map Specialist 814-863-1349
John Russell Digital Humanities Librarian 814-867-4827
Thomas Schaeffer Intern 814-865-2095
Gabrielle Sutherland CBDR Administrative Support Assistant 814-865-2095
Jennifer Valcin Statistical Data Analyst 814-865-2095
Corey Wetherington Open Education Infrastructure Specialist 610-396-6424
Briana Ezray Wham Research Data Librarian - STEM 814-865-6838
Kevin Winstead CBDR Postdoctoral Fellow in Data Curation 814-865-2095
Xuying Xin Data Analyst 814-863-1346