Data Learning Center

The Data Learning Center supports faculty, staff, post-doctoral scholars, and students in producing reproducible and transparent research, transforming data into information, and sharing re-usable data.

Our support services touch on all phases of the research data life cycle:

  • Data management planning and implementation
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Data sharing and publication
  • Data curation and preservation
  • Data re-use

We are available to answer questions or offer guidance, education, outreach, training, or one-to-one consultations.

  • Schedule a consultation for individualized support with data management planning and implementation, statistical analysis, data analytics, data visualization, qualitative data analysis, data sharing and publication, data curation and preservation, or data reuse.
  • Contact us with requests either resources & information or guest lectures, customized presentations/lessons, or small group training for your classes, groups, or departments.

We also support the Research Informatics and Publishing Advanced Analytics and Visualization Digital Lab. This computer lab space is designed for those seeking access to and support for data analysis and visualization software.