Digital Projects

Digital Beaumont and Fletcher

The Digital Beaumont & Fletcher (1647) is a collaborative editorial project aimed at making many of the rarely edited—and, as a result, rarely taught—plays in the “Beaumont & Fletcher” canon accessible to student readers and freely available online for classroom use. This project was inspired by the distinctive copy of Comedies and Tragedies Written by Francis Beavmont And Iohn Fletcher Gentlemen (1647) held by Penn State's Eberly Family Special Collections Library. In addition to preserving evidence of ownership dating to as early as 1703, Penn State’s copy of this printed play collection also includes three plays with handwritten marginalia, suggesting that the book might have been used to facilitate performance in the late seventeenth century.  

Contact:  John Russell, 

Digital B & F

Learning as Play

The Learning as Play project is led by Dr. Jacqueline Reid-Walsh, Associate Professor of Education and Women's Studies at Penn State. Dr. Reid-Walsh created the project to serve as an online space for people around the world to learn about movable (metamorphic) books for children. Besides the main Learning as Play site, Dr. Reid-Walsh also runs a blog, Unfolding Metamorphoses, and is compiling a Union Catalog of Early Movable Books

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Learning as Play

Back Into the Future of Immigration

Back Into the Future of Immigration is a collection of essays written by some of the current and past students of the Penn State Law Center for Immigrants' Rights Clinic, many of whom now work as immigration attorneys in large law firms, as solo practitioners, for non-profit organizations, and in the federal government. The mission of the clinic is to advance immigrants’ rights through legal excellence, advocacy, education, and collaboration with key stakeholders on immigration law and policy, and this monograph showcases some of the projects and cases students have worked on during their time at the Clinic and the impact they have made to individuals, institutions, and the community. Importantly, these essays also reveal how the authors’ personal experiences have shaped how they entered law school and how they define themselves as lawyers. Readers are invited to taste the sweat, blood, and heart of gold it takes to work in the immigration space — especially in a climate of ever changing policy and heightened uncertainty about the future.

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Transdisciplinary Inquiry, Practice, and Possibilities in Art Education: Proceedings from The Penn State Seminar @50

The Penn State Seminar in Art Education:  50 Years of Transdisciplinary Inquiry, Practice, and Possibilities (April 1-3, 2016) convened a group of prominent and rising scholars who represent the field of art education from other institutions as well as colleagues from across the Penn State campus in related areas, for featured papers, round table presentations, and breakout sessions. The conference was positioned among a series of events and projects sponsored by the Art Education Program at Penn State to commemorate the 1965 Seminar in Art Education for Research and Curriculum Development. The conference invited scholars to revisit visions of art education established a half century ago and to consider emerging issues and directions in the field in the contemporary moment in 2016. The Proceedings Editing Committee kindly offers the following articles and transcripts representative of the addresses and events that occurred during the conference, but is not comprehensive as to the full offering at the conference. Manuscripts are organized as to their chronological order as it occurred in the conference. 

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Art Education

 4-H Research: A Searchable Database of Research about the 4-H Program

Since 4‑H began more than 100 years ago, it has become the nation’s largest youth development organization. The 4‑H idea is simple: help young people and their families gain the skills needed to be proactive forces in their communities and develop ideas for a more innovative economy. 4-H Research is a searchable database that includes professional and graduate research studies about 4-H. 

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4-H Club

EFNEP Research: A Searchable Database of Research for the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program

EFNEP, the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, has been in existence for over forty years. Its goal is to educate low income families in the areas of nutrition, food preparation, and food management. This bibliography provides a database of research conducted about the program. 

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EFNEP logo

Jean de Rotrou: bibliographie critique

Writing when Pierre Corneille was producing his first plays, Jean de Rotrou (1609-1650) was considered as one of France’s most renowned dramatists. Since then, his fame has considerably faded from our literary memory as have his plays vanished from our stage. This annotated bibliography demonstrates however that drama specialists have never snubbed him. Trailing the illustrious trio Corneille-Molière-Racine, one can justifiably say that Rotrou was indeed the most prominent playwright of the lesser ones of the “Grand Siècle”… the most talented of the less gifted ones. 

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Utopian Literature in English: An Annotated Bibliography From 1516 to the Present

Utopian Literature in English attempts to be the definitive bibliography for utopian literature in the English language. This online database, a Penn State Libraries Open Publishing publication, catalogs utopian literature in its myriad forms from 1516 to the present day. This bibliography is updated and revised regularly with new citations and revisions.  

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Web Accessibility Resources for Libraries

Web Accessibility Resources for Libraries is a bibliography that consists of print and electronic resources on all aspects of web accessibility in libraries, both public and academic. The project encompasses electronic accessibility in all formats, including: online catalogs, databases, electronic books and journals, web sites, online tutorials, search engines, digitized collections, and online citation managers. The bibliography includes books, articles, websites, and other documents, and serves as a resource for libraries that want to move toward accessibility for all their electronic resources. 

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Web accessibility

Sanborn Maps: State College Land Use Change Through Time with Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

This project georeferenced and digitized building footprints and land use information from Sanborn Fire Insurance maps of State College, PA. The State College Change Through Time application and the State College Land Use Change Through Time application examine the State College, PA Sanborn maps for the years: 1906, 1911, 1922, and 1929. Building images are linked from the Penn State University Park Campus History Collection and historical photographs from Penn State’s Eberly Family Special Collections Library.  

Contact:  Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information,

State College land use change

Sanborn Maps: Mapping Historical People and Places

This project maps demographic information contained in U.S. Census records from (library edition) and digital Penn State student directories to Sanborn Fire Insurance maps building information for two time periods, 1920 and 1930

Contact:  Donald W. Hamer Center for Maps and Geospatial Information,

Sanborn Maps