Ciletti Memorial Library Policies


Snack foods and drinks in libraries-approved containers (including bottles and travel mugs with lids, but NOT fountain drinks) may be consumed on the library’s lower floor. Snacks include granola bars, candy bars, small bags of chips, etc. Pizzas and entire meals are prohibited, including fast food, burgers, sandwiches from the cafeteria, salads, soups, etc. Food and drinks are not allowed on the second floor. Please note that take-out food may NOT be delivered to the library.

Tobacco Products

No tobacco products of any kind may be used in the library. This includes chewing tobacco, dip, snuff, etc. All tobacco products should be used outside of the library beyond the blue line near the entryway.


Normal conversation and group study are permitted on the main floor and in group study rooms on both floors. Listening to music and watching videos with audio files may be done in group study rooms with the doors closed (note that volume should still be kept to normal levels, as the rooms are not completely soundproofed), or with headphones on library computers in common areas. Headphones may be checked out at the circulation desk. The second floor’s common areas are reserved for quiet study. Conversations there should be quiet and infrequent.

Any excessive noise will result in students being asked to keep their conversations to a quieter level. Failure to satisfy that request may result in students being asked to leave the library, especially for repeated disruptions.

Special Collections Room

The Special Collections Room is only available to students and other patrons who wish to use the collections for research purposes. Access may be requested at the Service Desk. Note that a staff member may accompany patrons to the Special Collections Room because of the fragility of some items in the collection. All other policies specific to the Special Collections Room must be followed, including the use of gloves when handling materials and the use of pencils when writing notes and not pens (ink may permanently stain special collections items).

Any further questions regarding these policies may be referred to Matthew Wayman, Head Librarian, at or 570-385-6223.