Ciletti Memorial Library 3D Printing and Scanning Policies

  1. The Ciletti Memorial Library’s 3D printer and scanner are available to Penn State Schuylkill students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Please do not attempt to print until you have had an in-person training session with a library staff member.
  3. The 3D printer and scanner may only be used for lawful purposes. No one is permitted to scan or create material that is:
    1. Prohibited by local, state, or federal law.
    2. Unsafe, harmful, dangerous, or poses and immediate threat to the well-being of others.
    3. Obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the library environment.
    4. In violation of another’s intellectual property rights. For example, you may not reproduce material subject to copyright, patent, or trademark protection.
  4. The library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print or scan request.
  5. The library cannot guarantee the quality nor stability of any printed model. User may request assistance removing items from the build plate at the circulation desk.
  6. Please ask library staff for assistance if you wish to change the filament color.
  7. Items may be printed for personal academic use, not commercial use. For example, you may print a key chain or coaster for your personal use. You may not print multiple items to be sold to others.
  8. Please limit your print job to one item at a time, not including reprints to correct any errors.
  9. If initiating a print job from the library’s opening hours until 2 hours before closing, please limit the print job’s duration to 4 hours or less. If printing within 2 hours of closing (an overnight print job), please limit the duration to 12 hours or less. Please note that weekends are included in these restrictions.
  10. Priority will be given to those printing items necessary for, or related to, course work.
  11. Users may be held responsible to any damage to the printer and/or scanner.
  12. You do not have to stay and attend to any print jobs. However, the Ciletti Memorial Library and its staff are not responsible for any interference with an unattended print job.
  13. Any items not retrieved within 7 days become property of the Ciletti Memorial Library.