Inactive Records Center

Records Center Services during COVID-19 Precautions

At the Office of Records Management , we are doing everything we can to deliver the services needed for mission critical operations related to records access, compliance, training, and guidance. The only service we can NOT perform is to physically enter your office/building to deliver, pick up, or review records for you. However, we can still provide curbside pickups and deliveries records access as described below. 

  • Access to Records – We will fulfill retrieval requests to access records which can be picked up curbside at the Records Center or outside your building. Due to our limited onsite hours, we will need a 2 hour advance notice beforehand.
  • Shredding Records Already in Storage – To comply with University Records Retention Schedules and Policy AD35 we will continue to shred, destroy, and dispose of any records in storage at the Records Center that have fulfilled retention requirements and have been approved prior to COVID-19 precautions.
  • Sharing Receipts or Authorizations– To ensure the health and safety of everyone, if we need to share documents with you it will be via email and creating an electronic signature or approval.
  • Sending Records for Storage or Shredding – Until further notice, we will NOT be picking up any records from outside the Records Center.
  • Blue/White Shredding – Until further notice, we will NOT be delivering or picking up any secure bins or blue/white bags.

The Penn State Inactive Records Center (IRC) is designed to provide secure storage for inactive University records that must be retained to meet the legal, fiscal, or administrative requirements of the University. We operate on a cost recovery business model, and offer records services and storage solutions to the University community at low rates.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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Department Contact Information

123 Cato Park Annex II
University Park, PA 16802-1812

Karen Pipta

Inactive Records Center Manager

Inactive Records Center Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Jes Martell Records Center Specialist 814-865-3276
Karen Pipta Inactive Records Center Manager 814-865-3276