Records Destruction

Destruction of Stored Records

  • When records located at the IRC are due for destruction or transfer to University Archives, a Destruction Authorization List form will be sent to the department for approval. This needs to be signed by the department and returned to the IRC.
  • We also obtain the signature of the Records Management Officer before any records are destroyed. Once we receive the approved Destruction Authorization List, the records will be pulled and shredded, or sent to University Archives for permanent storage.

Destruction of Records Not Stored at the IRC

Some departments may have records that need to be destroyed, but are not enrolled in the Blue Bag Shredding program. In this case, contact us with a request to pick up the files. The Records Center Destruction Authorization form must be completed and sent with the records, which will be approved for destruction by the Records Management Officer. Service costs are listed in theĀ  Fee Schedule.