Records Transfer, Retrieval, and Return

Records Storage Transfer

  • Records must be stored in 15”x12”x10” Bankers Boxes®. 
  • The IRC Transmittal Form and the Box Contents Form must be completed and attached to the boxes being transferred to the IRC. Couriers cannot pick up boxes without a completed Transmittal Form.
  • Recycled boxes are free, if available, and can be obtained by contacting the IRC. They can be delivered to offices or can be picked up. Otherwise, boxes can be purchased through Penn State’s General Stores.
  • Boxes can be delivered to us or can be scheduled for pick up and delivery by Courier Services.
  • Requests for delivery services should be directed to us through one of our communication channels.

Records Retrieval & Return

  • A request may be made for the return of a file or box, or for a photocopy of the record. Information may also be given over the telephone or faxed to your office if needed, depending on the confidentiality status of the records.
  • When making a request for a record, you will need to provide us with the box number, location number, department/office/unit name, address, SIMBA budget information (Cost Center or IO, and G/L), and a detailed description of the record.
  • Records requested for return to the department can be picked up or transported via Courier Services. Once received, requests are processed immediately and delivered within a 24 hour period.
  • Requests for record retrieval should be directed to us through one of our communication channels.
  • When a file or box needs to be returned and re-filed, please contact us to schedule a pick up via courier service. Please indicate the quantity of boxes or files being returned.