Policy UL-AD29 Marketing Communications (University Park)

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As a unit within the University, the University Libraries are required to adhere to GURU Policy AD61 University Marketing and Communications (https://policies.psu.edu/policies/ad61)

The Libraries’ Public Relations and Marketing Department (PRaM) is responsible for adherence to this University Policy, and PRaM’s manager serves as the University Editor Representative for Penn State University Park libraries.


The purpose of the marketing policy is to establish the lines of responsibility for the University's branding, marketing, and communications efforts. It applies to all colleges, campuses and budgetary units of the University, including the Libraries.

This means that at University Park, all Libraries promotional materials for collections, services, personnel, and programs are governed by GURU Policy AD61 and are to be routed through the Office of Public Relations and Marketing to ensure adherence to the University’s policy. This includes ads, brochures, postcards, invitations, posters, newsletter articles, press releases, media announcements, carousel images, digital signage, social media, and more.

Note that this does not include teaching materials, such as instructional guides.

At campus library locations, the local University Relations Office serves as the University Editor Representative for that campus.


Effective communications are central to the success of any enterprise, and Penn State is no exception. Whether it is through paid advertising, media relations, brochures and other printed publications, promotional videos, TV commercials, web pages, direct mail or other means, the consistent application of strategies to promote and protect the Penn State brand is of vital importance to the institution.

The decentralized structure of University management creates dozens of administrative areas with communications needs, but this can also lead to conflicting and inconsistent messages about the University. Successful marketing strategies and communications efforts cannot ensue from isolated or ad hoc tactics. For the University to properly communicate with a consistent voice, it is essential that the communications activities of Penn State be coordinated through one central office, facilitated by the University Editor Representatives at the unit level.


Job Initiation in the Libraries—Initiate a “Start a Marketing Project” form.

For permanent signage (affixed to the walls) contact the Facilities Department.

A member of PRaM will respond to your request within 2 working days. (If you do not hear back, please resend the request to safeguard against system glitches.) Your request sets in motion a fuller discussion of your project to define a plan of action.



Effective Date: February 16, 2015

Date Approved: February 16, 2015