Accessibility at the Berks Campus Library

Accessible Entrances

There are two barrier-free entrances with power assist. One entrance faces the parking lot; the other faces the Perkins Student Center.


Two restrooms are available – one labeled as men's and the other labeled as women's. Both restrooms are located near the curriculum section in the library. Gender neutral bathrooms are available in 309 Gaige, R8 Perkins Student Center, and R209 Luerssen.

Accessible Workstations

We have eight wheelchair accessible study rooms with a table and Windows computer: Rooms 105, 118, 120, 122, 124, 129, 131, and 133.

Sensory and Neurodiversity Support

We have one sensory room (room 115) and two sensory kits available to borrow at the service desk.

ADA Accessible Parking

A parking lot is across from the Thun Library but a steep incline separates them. A ramp from the parking lot to a sidewalk that leads to the library is available. There are four accessible parking spaces in this lot.

Public Transit

A BARTA bus stop is located in the Franco parking lot on campus (two buildings down from the library) and provides transportation in various locations around Reading.

Campus Map