Study at the Berks Thun Library

Rooms and Spaces​

Reservations are required for one of our study rooms.  Study rooms and Media Commons rooms can be reserved and may be available on a first come, first served basis.

Group Study Room Policy

  • The Thun Library does not provide proctoring services.
  • Prayer and lactation spaces available; please inquire at the circulation desk.
Study Areas at the Berks Thun Library
Room Capacity Features
Group Study
Thun 115
Seats 8 PCs, DVD, and/or VHS players, and white boards. Please bring headphones and/or mic.
Group Study
Thun 118, 120, 122, 124, 129, 131, 133
Seats 4 PCs, DVD, and/or VHS players, and white boards. Please bring headphones and/or mic.
Individual Study
Thun 114, 116, 117, 119, 121, 123, 125, 132, 134, and 135
Seats 1 All individual study rooms are quipped with whiteboards.

See our labs and conference room information for details. Please contact for conference room reservations.

Berks Thun Library Media Commons Rooms
Room Equipment Software
Thun 127
One Button Studio
iMac workstation
Microphone, Green Screen, Lighting, Camera
iMovie, GarageBand, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro
Thun 126 and 128
Thun 130
iMac workstations iMovie, GarageBand, Adobe Creative Suite
Final Cut Pro (Room 128)

Whisper Room



Can accommodate two people, but more comfortable for one.
Sound-isolated booth designed for audio recording.
Includes an iMac workstation and a microphone.

iMovie and GarageBand (for recording)




Visit the Berks Media Commons website for more information.

Scan, Copy, Print


Textbooks and Reserves

Course reserves are special materials placed at the library's circulation desk or online by instructors for students to use for specific courses. You can search for course reserves  by instructor's name, course number or course name. For more information about course reserves at Penn State Berks, please contact: Barb Lessig at


Equipment to Borrow

Available Equipment
Equipment Units Loan Period
Anatomical study kit, human bones 1 2 hours
Digital Cameras 2 24 hours
360 degree cameras 2 24 hours
GoPro 1 24 hours
Digital Camcorders 4 24 hours
Digital Voice Recorder 2 24 hours
Headphones 4 24 hours
Chromebook 1 24 hours
Lighting Kit 2 24 hours
Green Screen Kit 1 24 hours
Microphones 11 2 hours
Reading Public Museum Pass 4 24 hours
Scientific Calculator 3 4 hours
Phone/Tablet Mounts 5 3 days
Tripods 8 24 hours
Phone tripods 8 3 days
View-Master VR headsets 3 24 hours