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Give to the Libraries

"Our Wish List provides community members the opportunity to fund a selection of priority Libraries projects and resources that will enhance the educational experiences of our students and inspire them on their way to earning a Penn State degree. With your gift of $250 or more, you create a direct link between the Libraries and our services and the student body."

- Dean Barbara I. Dewey


“During my time at the Penn State Libraries, I was able to collaborate meaningfully across the library and the University. By expanding my network of collaboration, I was able to plan successful events which fostered an environment of open sharing and collective knowledge creation.” – Lily Murray, Student Engagement and Outreach Bednar Intern, 2018-2020

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Lily Murray

Inspiration through Generosity

“Code for Her was so fun! The learning environment was relaxed and supportive, and our instructors, Joss and Katie, made it super easy to ask questions. Even though people were at different levels, we helped each other. I liked that the workshop was project-based; we got to create something WE wanted to make and were interested in. Working towards a final product made it easier to learn.” – Erica Fleming, spring 2019 Code for Her participant

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Erica Fleming


“Giving Tuesday is a moment in time to make a difference for our students. The University Libraries is a longtime supporter of the course reserves; we believe that students at Penn State should always have access to use the best scholarly resources for their education and research.” – Dean Barbara I. Dewey

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Marion Mackinnon’s Gift Leads the Way for Students With Disabilities

"As an international student who is blind and pursuing a Ph.D. in Learning Design and Technology, I am deeply indebted to University Libraries’ Adaptive Technology & Services. All tactile graphs as well as alternative text materials required for my course work are always provided to me in a timely manner, making my academic experience very enjoyable. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to those who have supported me –giving me the strength to not give up but to keep moving forward." -Jooyoung Seo.

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A Lifelong Connection: The Alumni Library Online

"The Alumni Library Online provides yet another lifelong connection to Penn State – similar to the connection many of us feel through Penn State football or other athletic programs. The Alumni Library, however, offers a virtual space for lifelong learning. In today’s society, it is increasingly important to have a place where we can go to access reliable information...

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