Sound Booth Audio Recording

Whisper BoothHow the Sound Booth Works

  • Insulation of the Sound Booth minimizes the outside noise of others while producing crisp, clean audio recordings via the utilization of Garageband or Audacity
  • Recording is fast and easy!
    1. Record desired audio via Garageband (or other recording app of choice)
    2. Save project to USB drive or OneDrive (for example)
    3. Log off machine and post produce with iMacs located in library

Post Production Assistance

LinkedIn Learing at Penn State is a free online resource for Penn State students, faculty, and staff that teaches users the fundamentals in software, including Garageband, iMovie, and Audacity. 

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that all users of the Sound Booth become familiar in the uses of Garageband or any other platform that with they choose to record.