Libraries Strategic Technologies

Libraries Strategic Technologies provides a broad range of IT solutions, services, and support to University Libraries faculty and staff, and supports the systems that enable Penn State and the user community to discover, access, and use the Libraries’ resources, both on-site and online. We also provide software and systems development to support digital data management and access related to research and scholarship for the University community.

Our Teams:

  • Discovery, Access, and Web Services: Provides user-centered web services, Libraries website management, web and application interface design, support for mobile devices, web accessibility expertise, web statistics and analytics support, and LionSearch, the Catalog, and other discovery platform support.
  • Digital Scholarship Applications & Integration: Administrates and develops systems to support continuous integration, configuration management, and software deployment for local and third-party solutions. In addition, this group provides database services at the application and platform layer for a variety of database products.
  • Faculty Activity Management Services: Provides user support for cloud-hosted faculty reporting software (Activity Insight), as well as data entry, documentation, training, and serves as a liaison to vendors.
  • Repository Services: Develops open source repository services to support preservation, access, and discovery of digital library collections, scholarly communications and research data.
  • Systems and Applications: Manages system administration, software configuration, and application support and customization for library systems (e.g., Symphony, web content management system, etc.), provides programming and application development to meet administrative and operational needs (e.g., ABLE, employee directory, etc.), and data services (e.g., database design, data mining, etc.)
  • User Support and Operations: Provides helpdesk support, workstation management and lifecycle planning, SirsiDynix operations support, tablet and handheld device support, technology communications, technology training, IT account provisioning and management.

Department Contact Information

1 Paterno Library
University Park, PA 16802-1800

Dan Coughlin

Head Libraries Strategic Technologies

Libraries Strategic Technologies Staff

Name Title Email Office Phone
Paul Baughman IT Support Specialist 814-865-1819
Daniel Bohn Programmer Analyst 814-865-1017
Vicki Brightbill Web and Accessibility Specialist 814-865-8287
Andrew Calvin Web Designer - Developer 814-863-7083
James Campbell Programmer Analyst 814-865-4759
Dan Coughlin Head Libraries Strategic Technologies 814-863-0468
Derrick Davila Bednar Intern 814-865-2378
Laura DeAntonio IT Support Specialist (Part-Time) 814-863-8208
Todd Douty System Administrator 814-865-4850
Michelle Dzyak Manager User Support and Operations 814-863-0717
Wayne S Ellenberger Programmer Analyst 814-863-7083
Deborah Escalet IT Support Specialist (Part-Time) 814-865-8399
Jeff Friday System Administrator 814-867-6383
Nicole Gampe IT Manager 814-865-8429
Andrew Gearhart Programmer Analyst 814-867-5373
Melody Gehlbach Administrative Support Assistant 814-865-9889
Karen M Hackett Web Content Strategist 814-865-7649
Ryan T Johnson IT Training Coordinator 814-867-4095
Alexander Kiessling Programmer Analyst 814-863-7880
Linda Klimczyk IT Manager 814-865-5655
Maryam Kutchemeshgi Programmer Analyst 814-865-4865
Banu Kutlu Programmer Analyst 814-865-2378
Sherry Lonsdale Database Specialist 814-863-3214
Binky Lush Manager Discovery Access and Web Services 814-865-9842
Mauvette Malizia Graduate Assistant 814-865-9839
Charlie Morris Programmer Analyst 814-865-2378
Justin Patterson IT Manager 814-863-7763
Dan Peters IT Support Specialist 814-863-7098
Karen Schwentner Web Designer - Developer 814-865-7730
Chase Smith IT Support Specialist Office: 865-3444 / Help Desk: 865-2378
Eric Treece Systems Developer 814-863-8634
Adam Wead Programmer Analyst 814-865-2378
Brandon Zimmerman IT Support Specialist 814-863-0668