Using the William and Phoebe Duff Instruction Room

Only instructors may reserve the room. A weekly sign up sheet is posted outside the Instruction Room each Sunday. To schedule the Instruction Room more than a week in advance, email your request to:  By special arrangement with the administration of the Stuckeman School, a limited number of courses in Architecture, Landscape Architecture. or Graphic Design may schedule all of their sessions in advance.  (For that type of scheduling, see the criteria below.)

  • The room may be reserved for a maximum of 3 hours each day per class.
  • Reservations will be held for 15 minutes past the beginning of the reserved time. After 15 minutes another instructor may reserve time.
  • The room is used for student study space when not reserved for instruction.


Criteria for Scheduling All Sessions of a Course in the William and Phoebe Duff Instruction Room.

The Duff Instruction room serves many purposes.  It is used for instruction related to the use of library and Internet resources, for other special class sessions and meetings, and is needed as study space and readers’ seating in our small library facility.  However, because of the special conditions of teaching in the Stuckeman Family Building, an exception is made to the normal University Libraries policies regarding the use of classrooms within library facilities:  unlike other University Libraries spaces, this room may be scheduled for all class meetings of selected courses in the Stuckeman School.  Requests for scheduling should be submitted in advance of the semester to the Director of the Stuckeman School, who will use the following criteria to choose classes for this room:

  • Courses offered in the programs of the Stuckeman School (ARCH, LARCH, or GD).
  • Courses that are 400-level or higher.
  • Courses with no more than 16 students in regular attendance.
  • In order to preserve the other uses of the room, no more than three (3) courses will be scheduled per semester.  

The William and Phoebe Duff Instruction Room seats 16 people. It contains a whiteboard, Windows podium computer and a DVD/VHS player.

This room is not equipped like a typical media classroom. The podium computer has more limited capabilities than registrar-maintained classrooms and a different lock code. We recommend that you test the equipment prior to your scheduled time.